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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 30, 2007 03:42 Flag

    button replace alonso

    I think button should replace alonso.Have all brits drivers race for McLaren, what do you think guys

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    • I would love to see Alonso retreat to Renault and then Flav not be able to find another driver who would want to be his #2. I can't wait to see who passes on that job...who would want to be teammates w/ that selfish backstabber.

    • Excellent idea! lets dump the whingeing, cheating, spoiled and above all, outclassed Alonso with another Brit Driver who has massive talent and who has also steadfastly refused to give up in a car which, if we are honest, has been a bit of a dog this year. Alonso joined Mclaren knowing of their long held policy of equality amongst drivers and proceeded to try and totally dismantle the team spirit. He should have been sacked the moment he tried to hold Ron Dennis to ransom over the incriminating e-mails during spygate. I would also suggest that Pedro de la Rosa be fired from a big gun also. If nothing else, Alonso has totally devalued the image and credibility of his sport and has shown himself an unworthy holder of the title World Champion.

    • I agree. Said so a week ago but thread has gone walkies.

    • I would love to see what Jenson could do in a McLaren but from what I've read he is staying faithful to Honda which I suppose you have to give him credit for as well as Rubens.
      I just hope Alonso leaves McLaren, the team does not need someone like him who spits his dummy out when he can't get his own way, stabs his team in the back and tries to run his teammate off the track, regardless if you don't like or get on with your teammate, you don't run them off the track...I don't think he is a team player...wish he would #$%$ off back to Flavio