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  • Interesting race. Brilliant drives by the first three home especially Hamilton (and I'm a Ferrari fan!). Not too sure that Charlie Whiting made the right decision on the laps run by the safety car.There was only one thing missing - Ros Braun. Ferrari are lost without him and Todt should go off and start knitting classes or something.

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    • Yeap, have to agree with you on ALL counts here - and I'm a Ferrari fan too and a known Hamilton-disliker - but he drove very, very well in difficult circumstances.

      BUT Kimi was the driver of the race for me - who knows what would have happened if they hadn't tried to flout the rules on the tyre issue.

      And your right - they miss Brawn BIG time, hopefully he will be back next year.

      Oh, and one thing that struck me today - since MS has stopped going to races Kimi looks a lot more comfortable in the car and is finally putting Massa in his place. Mind you, Massa's last lap today was mind blowing!!

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      • It was the best race for years, its just a shame its taken huge amounts of rain to bring it.Massa deserves a medal for his last lap, total gob stopping.I do like ferrari but hands up to lewis, not one mistake mind when he gets knocked how unsetling is it for him.Some people in motor sport have said hes better than micheal, i`m sorry no chance he wouldn`t have been affected like that from a tap.
        I hope lewis wins the championship just to put alonso in a huge huff with mclaren.If he leaves mclaren just wait for the slagging off to start lol.

    • Ron Dennis:- "We're bitterly disappointed that he didn't finish, honestly." Now why did he have to use the word 'honestly' ??? He really kept the smile off his face quite well!!