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  • Aniki T Aniki T Sep 30, 2007 15:25 Flag

    Another "Ferrari" Win

    Too bad we win again with 4 ferrari cars on the track... Nice drive Hamilton in wet condition... Hope you can #$%$ the 1st rookie champion since 1950... Hope Mclaren get expel from the championship next year if they are found still using Ferrari's technology in their 2008 car...

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    • well i dont know if you are aware but mclaren have not been found to have any of your precious ferrari parts on this years car so why would they taint next years car with anything worse than what they already have, your poor losers thats all i can say.

    • are you on planet gaga how did ferrari win please explain?????.....

    • Mclaren won the race (and they did n't have to use Ferrari technology) because the idiots on the pit wall now controlling the Ferrari team have n't a clue. The drivers have been/are handicapped by decisions made by Todt and Co. and the failures originating back at the factory. The history of the 'prancing horse' far outways any other GP team but they need back someone of Ross Braun's calibre to get on top again. As a Ferrari fan it has to be accepted that Mclaren won at Fuji fair and square.

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      • I see ros could be back for next sesson, thank god atleast then they will have there brains back in the paddock.I think he should take over the running of ferrari.I dont expect them to win much next year but they will be more consistant till ross gets back into the swing of things.Micheal will be showing face more too so expect some cheating lol.

      • yeah!!but i was wondering what if it was hamilton who started at the back with almost zero visibility..will he be able to perform well??will he be able to do what kimi or the other drivers behind him did?it's definitely much better racing infront when the tract is obviously clear...what if he was at the back with all those water spraying on your face plus the rain....just a thought...i wasn't totally impressed by hamilton last sunday,but im more impressed by all the drivers behind him...they are the more impressive drivers for me in a rainy condition...