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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 30, 2007 20:30 Flag

    How come Ferrari are allowed to break the rules?

    Seems Ferrari can do whatever they want and get away with it to me.

    Seems amazing that such an important race directive involving potential life or death decisions like tyre selection should come only by email. Can't believe Ferrari put their drivers in such a potentially lethal situation.


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    • Chris, please explain how ferrari had cheated in every wining race.Your a typical #$%$ who knows nothing.Ferrari had the best driver of that era.Ok the racing did get boring and predictable, and shumy did cheat and bend the rules a little but who doesn`t.But he was a genius,i`m a mclaren fan but i`m not besotted with them like some.

      Jack can you remember how long ago it was that mclaren wer found to be running with the brake steering, i`m sure it was way back when dc was running for them was it not, And can you remember which other team also ran with it but never got the slamming by anyone for it.

    • Don't let it worry you. Everyone knows that the FIA and F1 officials favour Ferari, and let them get away with breaking the rules.

      It's nothing new, and I accepted it as part of watching F1 about 10 years ago.

      No Ferari driver has won an F1 title for 20 years, and Ferari haven't won a constructors championship for the same amount of time.

      McLaren and Hamilton all the way this season - Driver's and Constructor's Championships for 2007.


    • They never broke the rules they just bent them till charlie told them in and change or disqualified.They do seem to push and bend the rules, but honestly how can you say they got away with it kimi didnt win.
      I think they knew all about the tyre ruling at the start, they were pushing to see if the rain would stop and the track would dry up.They get contacted 3 different ways when the race control make an amendment and not just by email.

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      • So if they knew what the ruling, they chose the to.ignore it which was a conscious decision to be unsporting. What would have happened had this not been spotted I wonder?

        Not punished - Hmm. Drive thru penalty vs $100m and stripping of championship points. FIA officials need to be more consistent if any credibility is the be held on. I'll bet the FIA never even considered anyone would try and break the tyre ruling.

        I wondered also if Massa really needed to refuel and reboot or if Ferrari weren't just uprating Kimi to 3rd place by sacrificing Massa whose championship charge finished long ago. I now feel that Ferrari will do anything to cling to what championship hopes they have left.

        I am saddened I have come to feel this way.


    • yep - seems crazy that a directive should be sent by e-mail - who guarenteed that it would be read by everyone? - ( Whether Ferrari received the information or not is another matter.) Absolutely crazy that cars should circulate without being able to see marshals whether the safety car was out or not . I do n't think Charlie Whiting had a very good grand prix but he did have a lot to consider.