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  • tom horse tom horse Oct 1, 2007 17:16 Flag

    How come Ferrari are allowed to break the rules?

    what a fooking idiot! why don't you shut up until you have some facts to coment on. like for instance.. mclaren using brake steer when it had already been banned for decades. but that didn't stop them using it until a press photographer managed to take a picture of the extra pedal, even though mclaren where doing everything possible to prevent them doing so.
    that's cheating.. unlike ferrari this weekend who can prove they didn't get the e mail till after the race started. if they had received it in time why would they risk losing race position by having to return to the pits the change them?

    you're just talking bollocks because slagging off ferrari the current thing to do to appear clever when in fact all you are doing is showing your stupidity.

    and while we're at it cheating has been an integral part of F1 since it was started back in the 50's.
    there are many stories of teams sneeking in at night, mclaren included, and ' borrowing 'parts from other teams. they're are even tales of engines being swapped with another team's , at night. these things were happening back in the golden days of F1, the 50's, 60's and 70's.

    so stop bleating like an arse about things you clearly know nothing about.