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  • Ian Ian Oct 3, 2007 19:33 Flag

    Ferrari trying to cheat yet again at Japan

    In defence of Ferrari. As the e-mails were sent out on-block, maybe their their spam settings were set too high. Ha ha!

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    • I see Todt is still bloody moaning, when are Farrari going to stop trying every which way to now win the drivers championship too...cant they be satisfied that they got the constructors championship handed to them on a plate...not only have McLaren been handed a massive fine and lost all points (unfairly) they have also lost out in the pit lane...position of their garage plus the size of it...Has anyone heard McLaren keep moaning about it all, they were found guilty, accepted it and are getting on with it for christ sake Farrari shut up and lets get on with the racing

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      • One thing has saved F1 this year and one thing alone. Lewis hamilton.

        It's in Ferrari's interest to de-value his wins and championship (if that be the case). Hamilton has got the world watching again. At this moment he is more of a draw than any of the teams, including Ferrari. From a corporate point of view this is bad juju.

        Unfortunatly I think Hamilton knows this. This may be the undoing of him. He really needs to keep a sense of perspective at this time. He could loose all this support in the blink of a sound bite!

        Ferrari should get on with making great racing cars and stop the political games. Becouse at the end of it all F1 needs to be a sport that people feel good about watching. Sponsors will be looking at these political games and wondering if it's worth the cost.

        Fiat and Mercedes both justify it becouse the technology filters down to the road cars, especially Ferrari. Renault et al must be in it for the image. You don't feel a lot of F1 heritage in your average Laguna. I could be wrong!

        And its the image that Ferrari are risking with their disingenuouse wringing of hands and sympathy seeking.

        lets just get on with it.