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  • Ian Ian Oct 4, 2007 08:04 Flag

    Ferrari trying to cheat yet again at Japan

    Yep. Part of the reason for my comments yesterday and today.

    Smacks a bit of panic don't you think?

    Their must be a lot of crap going on over at Ferrari at the moment. If they have such disenfranchised staff, who give their stuff away to competitors or at the very least their mates, then you have to ask why.

    As I remember it, this all started when Stepney "whistle blew" on Ferrari over the illegal setup of their car in Austalia. Well that doesn't happen in a "happy team", does it.

    Still, I believe they think, if they keep up the smoke screen then we may all miss the implosion.

    Ross please come back, smack some heads together and lets go racing again.

    The Le mans series is so much more civilised.