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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 3, 2007 01:56 Flag

    Motorsport stars @UK kart race

    I wish you good luck in the venture. I used to be one of the organisers ( and the founder) of the Racing for Children Kart races that were held at Daytona in London. Our idea was to mix drivers and the unsung hero's of the sport , the marshals in endurance racing. Drivers we had included Darren Turner, Alain Menu, Antony Reid, Will Gollop, Pat Doran etc. I know the hard work you are putting in and I hope it goes well. I hope the circuit are prepared for a bit of damage as when the red mist comes down it is not a charity kart race but a full on title deciding race

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    • Hi Bob, thanks very much for your message and support. It sounds like a great event you had with Racing for Children and with those sort of names present I'm sure it was a great success.

      The track and kart manufacturers have already taken out an insurance policy . . . !