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  • Quote:- "Hamilton would have been outstanding had he made his debut in a Renault or a Spyker (like his fellow 2007 rookies, the overshadowed but still hugely talented Heikki Kovalainen and Adrian Sutil) – or a 2001 Sauber or Minardi like Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso had to"

    I do n't think so.
    Probably its Mark Blundell wetting his nickers again over Hamilton and ITV thanking Hamilton for the increase in audience participation and advertising revenue during their 2nd rate coverage of GP.

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    • Hence the reason I will only switch on now just as the race is about to start and hit the off switch when the race is done - it is soooo LH biased it makes me sick.

      Today DC and Button had 'fantastic races' - yeah but but that was only mentioned AFTER Hamilton had retired - otherwise the rest of the Brits have long since been ignored.

    • the difference with lewis is his consitancy. sutil and kovalienen have been all over the place. if lewis had been in a spyker, or say they had waited a year and put him in a prodrive, he wouldnt have been winning for sure, but he would have been doing sutils best performance every race. he is the real deal.
      on the other hand its true blundell is a dick. i wish i was eloquent enough to have the job what he does.

    • Whether you like Hamilton or not, you can't deny he has had a brilliant season...I can't understand why people slate him for driving a McLaren...saying he should have started in a lower team... can you honestly say that the other rookie drivers would not have jumped at the chance to drive a McLaren and I dare say one or two of them may have done as well as Hamilton in their first season...Kovalainen in particular but we will never know...Unfortunately the media focus on Hamilton and I think that is one of the reasons why some people dislike him but come on...is it his fault? Give the British press time...they have put him on a pedastal and it will not be long before they try to knock him off as they did to Beckham and Gascgoine. You can't deny he is a good exciting racer....just give the lad a chance

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      • Did I say I dislike Hamilton? When you have been 'coached' for 11 years within one very good team and mentored by its head man, then put into possibly the best car on the GP grid I fail to see what's , quote "monumental" about Hamilton winning the driver's championship. With the effort put in if I was Ron Dennis I would have expected not much less. Where Dennis went wrong was bringing in Alonso as a back up (probably having lured him with '#1 status') With Hamilton's success in F2 which is not that far from F1 he was bound to make his mark. I just hope that media hype, the lure of the flat in Monaco, fraternising with filmstars, and $$$$$$s etc. does n't take him down the same route as many other 'stars'.