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  • Classic comment from Brundell in post race 'analysis'. Quote: "I do n't think Lewis did anything wrong" - and in the same breath - " he just dropped it coming in to the pit lane". And in the immediate hand over to the F1 'presenters' with Raikkonen, Alonso and Massa on the podium the discussion - Lewis Hamilton. Martin Brundle is the only one in the ITV crew with any sense, observation and comment worth listening to.

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    • Ye it's the TV commentary mush that more than anything gets right up my nose. The assumption that everyone is watching expressly and only to see LH win. Same happens in other sports too and it insults my intelligence. I actually watch a race, a match, a competition in order to enjoy the WHOLE experience - something these dipsticks could never comprehend. And LH really doesn't help himself with his comments does he guys? Latest - "I haven't made a mistake all year." Wish I was perfect.....

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      • the tv coverage has been crap for years. james allen and his revisionist histories are a joke, steve ryder and blunell, well the best we can say is they must have tight contracts. even when brundle says something useful its usally about something that happened half an hour earlier. but hey tv sports commentary is always personality based.
        now, as for the lewis bias, well you gotta face the facts, most ppl ARE watching to see lewis race, at this stage in the season. viewing figues are doubling just because he is doing well. you remember a couple of years ago you could buy a tv package just for f1, how popular was that? not very.
        its british tv, i am british and i wanna see a british driver in a british car win. whats so bad about that? when i was a kid, everybody watched f1, now i am the only person i know in rl that still follows it. the rules killed the sport, this is what we are left with, so get used to it, or dont watch. your choice.
        the whole experience you talk about just doesnt exist anymore.
        and fyi, that WAS the first mistake lewis has made all year (except maybe following team orders in monaco,) and from where i was sitting it wasnt even really his fault.