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  • Chris w Chris w Oct 4, 2007 19:25 Flag

    Hamilton's Fuji win under threat

    Well i have heard it all now, what are the likes of Mark Webber on about?

    If anyone was driving erratically it was Webber and Vettel, what happened to them was no fault of Hamiltons.!!!!

    The FIA sure no how to spoil a season!!!!

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    • Ive just seen the amateur video that was filmed on the day.

      fia you should be ashamed of yourselves lol

      lewis was on the outside no where near webber lol

      fia explain yourselves, your the biggest joke in sport lol

      the only cheats this year is the fia!!!!!

    • I will be interested to see what Lewis' explanation is for pulling up next to the safety car and then seeming to swing off to the right of the track. The drivers need to keep close in case the safety car is withdrawn and the leader gets a run at creating a gap but, as I'm sure Mark Webber knows, you need to leave enough gap in all driving so you can react to unexpected incidents. It sound like Vittel was watching Lewis swinging to the right of the track and wasn't watching Webber and so ploughed into him. Mark was maybe too close so had to brake other wise he would have overtaken Lewis. The safety car seemed to be going really slowly when you would have thought it could have got on with it having probably better handling in that sort of track conditions.
      Also ..
      Suprise - Alonso agrees with Webber! Fernando needs to seriously think about how ethical his behaviour this season has been.

    • Webber should not have been racing having been sick into his helmet. This could have caused a problem with the radio(shorting), spraying back up into his eyes(failed to see Lewis) or into his nostrils.


      If there was anything wrong in the way Lewis drove last weekend surely the track marshalls would have intimated this to the powers that be at the time...

      The first rule of driving is concentrate on the car in front of you and be distracted by anything else!!!

      At the time of the Webber/Vettel crash Lewis was not in front of them and did nothing to cause their coming together...

      The crash falls fairly and squarely on Vettel... he should have been looking ahead and no where else!!!

      If F1 is going to continue to be a 'McLaren witch hunt' I think a lot of support will go from this sport... which will be a huge shame.


    • You must remember Webber is Australian & according to a very senior Aussie spots official "all Australians hate the English".

    • If they found LH guilty, then let it be. At least for the last two races, we will know who is the better driver...will it be Hamilton, Alonso or Kimi? They are both equal for now. May the best driver wins!

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      • Why should Hamilton loose his points..he's worked hard all season for them...if he does could it be that certain people do not want him to have the record of being ..the youngest driver in his rookie season to win the championship...something that MS never did...is MS the only one to be allowed to set records also the bloody witch hunt on McLaren is still carrying on...the whole bloody affair is a travesty. Alonso is a disgrace... McLaren should sideline him for the rest of his contract...it seems he will stab anyone in the back if he can't get his own way...Webber is a two face #$%$ who's strings are being pulled by 'someone' . If the stewards did not think there was anything wrong on Sunday, how can they now 4 days later decide to investigate it...the whole affair stinks of conspiracy to me. There have been tactics in races before...will not mention the team of driver that were diabolical and dangerous but nothing was ever done about it

    • u all remember a german world champion doing the same thing for years behind the saftey car ,now lets think what was his name now .anything ever happen to him or get points taken away or 10 places back on the grid damnm cant think of his name think think ,and if webber was that poorly surely he was a danger to the other drivers and shouldn't have raced at all aussie prick

    • II have just looked at the video which Webber is knocked of the track and it had nothing to do with Hamilton in any way, the FIA are a complete joke full of old cronies that think by docking points etc. are the only way to make F1 exciting. Hamilton is the only racer out there at the moment making all the other drivers look very average. Look at thier faces every time Hamilton is on the podium! As for Ferrari, why have the stewards not sought punnishment for them ignoring their email about starting the race last week on wets and starting on intermediates trying to cheat and gain the upper hand, I know why, they are Ferrari.

    • If Webber, Vettel or Alonso truly thought Hamilton was driving erratically on Sunday then they should have kept their distance. If the car in front seems to be driving dangeourously you dont pull up to its bumper, you increase the gap incase something happpens. More so in wet conditions.

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