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  • Chris J Chris J Oct 4, 2007 21:18 Flag

    Hamilton's Fuji win under threat

    What is FIA an abbreviation of... Ferrari's Instant Advantage????. Why can't Webber and the rest of the no hopers accept that they have been taught a brilliant lesson this season by someone who is so much better than them. Even with the interference of the FIA it looks like Hamilton will win the Championship. I always said he was a good driver, but had never seen him in torrential rain. At Fuji he was superb. Well done to the lad!!

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    • Did you notice Webbers word "contributed"

      OK...by how much mr webber 1% 10 % 50 %

      Spell it out and dont hide behind words. If hamilton gets docked in any way then it is clear to all F1 fans that their is a plot to take everything away, one way or another. Ferrari will finish up with a title they have not won and they should be proud of that. Webber, get real

    • Obviously from some of the misguided comments on here , you all have a lack of understanding on basic Racing Proceedure.Under the Safety Car , or any Cautionary Flag ,"Racing" is forbidden , until it is deemed Safe to do so. What Hamilton is being Investigated for , is his Conduct under the Safety Car , Not a Racing Incident. During this time the Race leader has a responsibilty to maintain a Consistent Safe pace , behind the Safety Car ( Not Overtly Weaving or Brake Testing ! ). To me , it was 100% clear what he had done on Sunday , it's just a shame it's taken 4 days to investigate it , he should be Thrown Out of the Race , in any other Language it's called Cheating. It does not matter if the "other " Driver is 10 or more years older than Hamilton , so what ?
      Rules are Rules and he should abide by them same as every one else , AND i speak from experience , having had Two Sons who Raced Karts in National Championships for 8 Years , so i know what the Rules are , from Karting to F1 , the basic principles are the same.

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      • Well muckerz46 you make an interesting point.

        However the fact is that in just about every safety car situation I have seen in my memory, the lead car is weaving and breaking and speeding up and weaving right up until the safety car is about to leave the circuit when it slows right down to create a gap to accelerate into when racing commenses.

        So given that there doesn't seem to be a time limit on these things, I would say the FIA have got their hands full on deciding who to throw out over the years.

        Or maybe if you run into the back of someone you are not concentrating enough. Period. Becouse you cannot assume that the car infront is not going to have to break becouse of a Ferrari wheel cover flitting across the circuit etc.