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  • Jonas Jonas Oct 5, 2007 16:29 Flag

    Hamilton's Fuji win under threat

    If they found LH guilty, then let it be. At least for the last two races, we will know who is the better driver...will it be Hamilton, Alonso or Kimi? They are both equal for now. May the best driver wins!

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    • Why should Hamilton loose his points..he's worked hard all season for them...if he does could it be that certain people do not want him to have the record of being ..the youngest driver in his rookie season to win the championship...something that MS never did...is MS the only one to be allowed to set records also the bloody witch hunt on McLaren is still carrying on...the whole bloody affair is a travesty. Alonso is a disgrace... McLaren should sideline him for the rest of his contract...it seems he will stab anyone in the back if he can't get his own way...Webber is a two face #$%$ who's strings are being pulled by 'someone' . If the stewards did not think there was anything wrong on Sunday, how can they now 4 days later decide to investigate it...the whole affair stinks of conspiracy to me. There have been tactics in races before...will not mention the team of driver that were diabolical and dangerous but nothing was ever done about it