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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 6, 2007 07:49 Flag

    Ha Ha! In your face you whingers!

    Hey DB: Lewis Hamilton had no Knowledge of what was going on so why on earth would the FIA penalise him.
    Now Alonso thats a different matter, Ron Dennis should have sacked him on the spot and the FIA should have banned him from racing for a couple of seasons.

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    • You are right. I agree.

      However, if the team is found guilty of espionage (and it obviously helped the team advance) and are penalized. The drivers should be taken from the title chase for the same reason. It's nothing agaisnt Lewis. It's a ruling against a team. The teams car advanced due to this info and so does the driver.

      The ruling was inconsistant. And after Bernie informed the public he had the evidence prior to the "Immunity announcement" from Max. It really clears the smoke and mirrors show Max and Bernie put on.

      Why would they not disqualify the team as a whole and give immunity to the drivers when they already had the evidence in hand? They chose to make a bias decision instead of a consistant one.

      I've had to disqualify drivers and teams before who I've befriended. I did it without favoritism or bias because it was consistant with the sporting rules.

      The FIA's dicision was not.

    • John i agree with you in sacking the crying spanish monkey boy, but do you think ron could do with splashing out more money why not keep him on in the team and make his life hell so he has to walk.You get the best of both worlds then lol.
      I would love to be a fly on the wall in the debriefing room after this weekends race haha.

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      • The only crying baby the whole season has been Lewis Hamilton! Crying all the time. The whole paddock thinks Hamilton did a shitty job behind the safety car. I could see on the TV that his continuous braking and accelerating was going to cause an accident while driving behind the safety car! It was Hamilton who asked basically that Alonso be penalized in Monaco (he wasn't) and then in Hungary. Only little baby Hamilton has to have his daddy with him all the time. Not even Vettel who is basically a kid.

    • "Lewis Hamilton had no Knowledge of what was going on so why on earth would the FIA penalise him"

      In case you didnt know, Lewis Hamilton doesnt run on foot around the track to win races...

      HE DRIVES A MCLAREN, Lewis Hamilton is part of the McLaren team, the car manufacturer that was found and PROVEN guilty of cheating by using Ferrari`s confidential data.

    • how deluded are you, lewis new nothing, MY ARSE. you dont have the driver not knowing what his crew know, dont be so bloody narrow minded and naive.