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  • David David Oct 6, 2007 03:51 Flag

    Hamilton quit threat !

    How corrupt is F1 becoming? Hamilton threatens to quit because of the investigation into Sundays race,then strangely escapes any punishment. F1 needs Hamilton and he knows it but there has to be fair treatment of all drivers. He cant be responsible for the drivers behind him but if he contributed to the accident happening then he should accept his punishment. I love F1 but this season leaves a sour taste.

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    • whilst I can only admire Hamilton and all he has acheived, in threatening to quit and having the FIA backdown, he has in effect removed all their authority, if they were going to act against him then they should have, however they should also be looking at the motives of the other drivers, Hamilton has out performed the lot of them, can this be a case of sour grapes on their part ?

    • Its simple really, in Safety Car (SC) conditions...just look at the the car in front of you...he brakes you brake..Webber was not looking at Hamilton..he was looking at the SC and Vettel was not looking at Webber but at Hamilton... so go figure.. Hamilton looked like he was trying not to over shoot the SC...the rest is on UTube...

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      • Lets just look at the time spent behind the SC though and look at lewis, he was pushing it certain times its all part of the sport.I loved it when he tried to get alonso to out break him heading onto the pit straight i was willing alonso to fly past lol. Webber should have been demoted 10 places for wasting the FIA`s time with the enquiry.Hes just a bad sportsman looking for an escape for his temper after he wasnt concentrating on the race in hand.

    • Hi Cod', you should think about this.

      You are driving in a car meant to travel at 200 miles an hour. You are 3 foot off the floor. The weather is appaling you cannot see more than 10 yards infront of you and you are on the cusp of winning the world championship in your 1st year. Some of your collegues don't think you should be
      racing at all becouse it's too dangerous.

      It is taking all your concentration to avoid nurfing the safety car in front of you. At times you are thinking why do they call it the safety car?? it is travelling too slow and obviously handles completly differently to your car. And where the f*ck has it gone now!

      Then some days later it becomes evident that a section of the racing population think you should have put more thought into the poor drivers who where behind you. You think "Jesus it was all I could do to stop running into the car infront of me".

      And maybe if everyone had the same feeling of vulnerability they would have stayed back and not have assumed they knew what was happening in front of the car infront of them!!