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  • Dan Dan Oct 7, 2007 23:10 Flag

    Who's got the most F1 Egg on their face

    I can see this ins'nt a Lewis H Fan thread you guys are so harsh

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    • oh ya??? is hamilton God??? NO!!! he just another decent driver whgo get lucky with the world title(to be). vettel is more talented driver. if hamilton wins the titleit is just show the world how politics got into F1

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      • That's an interesting statement "Moore" but how ever you look at it then "your statement" holds true no matter who wins the title.

        Is LH in one of the best cars, of course but as has been seen in the past a "so so" driver is just that no matter what car he is in.

        To really understand how good LH is you have to watch last years GP2 championship. His driving skills were impeccable and the proof of that is that all the cars are identical.


      • Moore...how can you say Hamilton has been lucky...he has been consistent all season...you say Vettal is the better driver...someone who hits Webber up the #$%$ because he was not watching the car in front...yeah right!!!...you don't like Hamilton...fine that's your prerogative..he has had a brilliant season not by luck ...by his driving..ok he didn't do well today because he stayed out too long on worn tyres...don't know if that was his decision or the teams but you can't deny he is a racer not just a decent driver...if not this year but in years to come he is going to make all the doubters eat their words

    • I think they'd rather support a guy who in order to suppress his more talented team-mate was prepared to stoop to blackmail....while him and Pedro were in the thick of it!! The only reason he got off was cause he blabbed....I think he needs to turn the shotgun on himself???