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  • Ibero Ibero Oct 10, 2007 02:15 Flag

    Alonso Spouting His Mouth Of Again

    if Mclaren dont giev a car for race to Alonso, he will be free to go to any other team, and contract will be broken.

    anyway, let me explpain what Alonso saids about Ron:

    Dennis said to a group of British journalists in the paddock at the circuit. “But we weren’t at all fazed about Kimi. We weren’t racing Kimi, we were basically racing Fernando.”

    So thats enough for Alonso, he want go out from Mclaren and is trying to break the contract at all cost.

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    • yeah that quote from dennis is referring to being overtaken by raikonnen. basically if lewis finished the race, raikonnen was out of the championship, so it was obvious they were not racing him. they are now tho for sure.
      have no doubts, alonso resigned from mclaren in hungary, either explicitly during thier post qually 'discussion', or implicitly by his actions. the rest is just wrangling over how much its gonna cost and keeping it under wraps for the sponsors.

    • i would think ron has the same clause in alonsos contract as montoyas in that he can tell alonso he is not required to race, but he must pay him for the service he hasnt performed to not be in breach of contract

      disregardless i think it will take alot more from alonso to get the sack cause ron dennis has had enough to deal with without the major fallout from alonso being sacked and the resultant fia enquiry that alonso is not being treated badly, a point on which they have no authority anyway

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      • 1st, in Alonso´s contract there is a clause that saids: Alonso will have always a car for every race. if dont Alsonso will be free to break the contract, and Mclaren will have to pay full contract.

        2nd Ron know what will happen if Alonso break the contract, next year in Ferrari.

        And belive me, Alonso is one of the best drivers developing F1 cars. Where is Renault F1 Team this year? where it was last 2 years? Where was Maclaren last year? Did Mclaren win any race last year? Where will be Mclaren next year without Fernando Alonso? racing to join Q3.