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  • Ibero Ibero Oct 10, 2007 18:11 Flag

    Any bet for next year?

    Im pretty sure that Hamilton and Alonso wont be on same team.

    Where will be Mclaren next year?

    where will be Alonso´s team (Ferrari/Renault prly)?

    I bet 100% Mclaren will race for 3th and 4th positions, and Alonso´s team for win the races.

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    • Glock is now with Toyota with Trulli
      Ferrari, BMW, Red Bull, Honda will maintain their line-up
      Alonso in Renault with Piquet Jr?
      Hamilton with Vettel or Sutil in McLaren?
      Ralph in Spyker with Narain?

      I can't wait for their final announcement!

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      • Just read this:-
        Alonso commits to Renault return in 2008
        Fernando Alonso has signed a letter of intent to rejoin Renault starting next January (2008), according to emerging reports.
        Germany's Bild newspaper said the document is the precursor to a definitive three-year contract (2008-2010), but only if the reigning world champion can successfully negotiate an end to his current McLaren deal.

    • Alonso will be driving a Renault and fighting for fourth or fifth place at best. And I'd pay money to see his face when Kovalainen beats him. Go Heikki!

      McLaren will be winning races at will. With Hamilton and whoever they put in the other car. Heck, even Karthekiyan could gat a W.

      Ferrari will be winning some races but stopping short of a championship. Then the Italian paparazzi will catch Kimi having a drink and they will yell "send him to rehab!" (and then kick him out of the team).

      Haven't we seen all this before?

    • well i actually did have a bet on this years (actually still do in theory until next week) for jenson to be champ, and look how that turned out.
      will be interesting to see how alonsos times look when hes back at renault. i reckon hes gonna get piquet jr as a teammate and have exactly the same hassles. i will be laughing so hard.
      so massa/raikonnen stay put, fisi to toyota and off into the wilderness, kovaleinen to bmw or mclaren?