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  • ourboyinchina ourboyinchina Oct 21, 2007 13:40 Flag

    hamilton ?? a joke

    " Little black boy, made good." very interesting choice of words.
    I notice you say; " My sport", well lets hope poorly educated people such as yourself can find a new sport to follow, as it seems the little black boy as you put it is here to stay.
    Furthermore, please try to pay attention, LEWIS HAMILTON DID NOT CHOOSE THE TYRES, HE DROVE THE CAR. Duh!

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    • pubmandave....as has been said to others on here who have to bring into an argument the colour of a driver's skin...it don't f**king matter what colour a driver's skin is...he's a driver and that's it!!!..if you want to make racist comments go to another forum...if you want to comment on anything else to do with F1 you're welcome...so please keep your racist comment to yourself...we're not interested

    • Good to you Dave. I admire your honesty and the courage to tell the truth.
      I am so fed up with having to tip toe where blacks are concerned. Hamilton is a rude, loud brat. He does get away with his attitude because he is a little black boy. And like most black boys who make good he will turn out to be his own worst enemy who WILL fade away back to the ghetto.

    • Lewis may drive the car but he does have a say in the tyre choice. How often are they going to say it was not his fault but the guys in the pit lane. He knows the rules about the tyres so he should have highlighted this to the team when they called him in. Don't get me wrong it is amazing what he has done and his arrogance when overtaking reminds me of a certain Mr Schumacher. He will be World Champ and probably rival Michael only time will tell. Its a pity that he could not have had Michael in his team to help him with Michaels experiance and Lewis' skill there would be no stopping him.