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  • Hell Yeah Hell Yeah Oct 22, 2007 21:52 Flag

    Hamilton & McClaren. Sore Losers?

    Lewis is a sore loser.
    He lost fair and square.
    McClaren should just concentrate on next year.
    They lost because all their efferts were focused on their protege, instead of sticking to their equal oppertunities policy which they have always shouted from the rooftops.
    Hamilton should not be champion. Even if Williams and BMW were punished Hamilton still does not deserve the points.
    Kimi desrved to win the championship after all the years of bad luck whilst at McClaren.
    What goes around comes around.

    For the record I am an Englishman and a long time McClaren Fan.
    I have, over the years, got very p***ed off at the fact Ferrari and Schumacher got away with a lot and find it hard that I am pleased that a Ferrari driver has one the championship but Kimi deserved to win and did a good job to do so after such a bad start to the season.
    The way McClaren have done nothing but gone on about Lewis has p***ed me off. It has pushed my love of the team away, as they have always been seen to support and fair to both drivers over the years.
    This year it does not appear to be the case and they should of given a 2 time world champion all the respect that he deserved.

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    • I think you almost have it right here - RD as manager has to delegate and when he delegates he has to trust those people to whom he delegates.

      So, for example, he delegates one set of tasks to the drivers - and he trusts them to do several things. One, drive to the best of their ability at all times. Two, respect the standards of the team, by which I mean the standrads of integrity, public relations, etc. same with the designers, pit crew etc. they ahve thier jobs to do, and RD has to trust them to do the jobs to the best of thier ability - but also to maintain team standards.

      So part of his job is to make sure that heh can trust the people he employs, that he can delegate his workload, and trust them to keep up the team's standards.

      If RD didn't know about Alonso, de la Rosa, coughlan, he needs to rethink his personnel policies - and accept responsibility for the team. He accepted Fia's decision on both occasions, or the team did, and this amounts to the same thing for precisely the same argument...

      He needs a great tactician on the team - which they don't seem to have. For me, Alonso has a lot to prove to the Mclaren team now, about his trustworthyness, and LH has a lot to prove about his maturity.

      As regards the race strategies - I think its hard on LH if you blame him. Staying out on the wrong tyres was the choice in the pit lane, and in Brazil, he went off, which was his mistake, had a machine that faltered, and was switched to a three stop strategy - and both of these latter factors were not his responsibility either.

      I agree, you play percentages - but it was the team that worked the percentages out wrong.

    • Have to totally agree on that one.

    • BRIAN! The reason LH didn't win the title is nothing to do with Alonso being a shit or not! I'm not a fan of Alonso, but the guy is a double world champion and LH isn't yet and in the last two races we have seen why he isn't.
      I think he's a massive talent, but... Nothing can replace experience!! There's no point argueing about Mclaren and spygate, Ron Dennis is at best a fool, but probably an idiot, if he tells us that he didn't know, then he'sn't fit to run the team.
      As per the strategies employed in the last two races, well, what can I say!!
      As for LH, as talented as he certainly is, when you are in the points situation he was in the last two GP, you play procentage, Immaturity and missguidance!!

    • Well there is your reply, are you going to answer or hide again because you dont like it?

    • There is only one fool on here Daniel, and its you I'm afraid. Your rantings are just ones of a racist bigot, but why am I not surprised by that, Its quite common amongst Italians by the looks of these posts.You should be ashamed, but you wont be, you have no humility or know how to win like a champion. I fart In your general direction sir.

    • I do apologise for my grammar - it should have read Ferrari/Alonso Appreciation Societies. I had no intention of implying that they are one and the same as clearly they are not! The Brown Nose Club is intended as a reference to encompass ANYBODY who either cannot or will not accept that other people may see things differently to them.

      And, for the record, I am not a fan of ANY team specifically. I follow F1 because I would actually like to see Jenson Button and Anthony Davidson do well. However, I am realistic enough to know that neither of them stand a cat in hell's chance of winning anything other than finishing higher than the previous season in the drivers' table and whichever team they are driving for at the time finishing higher in the constructors' table. Correct me if I am wrong but I don't see any "they didn't win the championship/they are hard done by because" crap coming from their fans.

      If, by some far fetched miracle, either of them DO become F1 champion it would be fascinating to see what reasons the Ferrari/Alonso/McLaren etc fans come up with to explain why their idols lost!!!

    • Hey fool ... I didnt start Italy v Britian topics. And if you make xenophobic comments/rants against Italians you are going to cop it back - dont tell me it works BOTH ways. And there is no anti LH / Mac campaign .. they lost and Ferrari are the champs, thats it. VAFFANCULO STRONZO

    • lady d the reason Alonso tried to blackmail Ron Dennis was to try and get him to give him No.1 driver status...it didn't bloody work though did it? Ron called his bluff...ok it opened a can of worms and made things bad for McLaren but the good thing that came out of it was to also showed what a little #$%$ Alonso is...wouldn't trust him one little bit

    • Some of us have to work for a living, we cant spend all day sat monitoring these boards now can we. I think the replies, or rather xenophobic rants, from Daniel P just sets in concrete what I've been getting at all along, its just an anti British Anti Mcl Anti LH campaign on here. I dont, and I'm sure others dont , want to come on here and just discuss LH & McL , there are other boards for that if we so desired. This board is titled ' General' not the Ferrari club or Alonso appreciation society, there are boards for that too. So why is it just an anti British rant then ? like I said In two previous posts that you probably ignored becuase you didnt like the facts. Xenophobia works BOTH ways

    • They always come in the wrong place! That was meant to come after daniel's last reply.

      By the way, how do you know Alonso used them to blackmail Dennis? What proof do you have that that was the case? Why would he do that? What could he possibly hope to gain? Just interested in hearing your replies :)

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