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  • andy andy Oct 23, 2007 11:33 Flag

    Hamilton & McClaren. Sore Losers?

    seriously, where do you guys get all this vitriol from? do you really have this personal hatred for lewis, or are you just flame baiting? if its the former i suggest you find yourself some councilling.

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    • To mock a loser is nothing to do with hatred, but with having fun and putting him in his place. His sporting abilities were way blown out of proportion by the British media and the Britons, who are all along desperately looking for somebody to win something...somewhere...somehow...ever (lol).
      Pirate chief Ron Dennis and his beloved Whitmarsh behaved as rogues throughtout the season and their attempt to ostracize Alonso by any means failed and the scheme blew up in their faces...maybe God exists after all (lol).

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      • So a guy cheats, causes the team to lose any chance of the constructors championship and then you expect the team to treat him like he's number one.

        Alonso should have been kicked out of the sport for cheating.

        And if you or anyone else can prove that Dennis knew about it, then he should be kicked out too. But I have managed teams - and you have to trust your people, have to rely on them to do their job the right way. Dennis's problem for me appears to have been that he trusted Alonso too much, had too much faith in him to start with, and when he learned of the cheat's real nature, he called the authorities.

      • Ivan, i really pity u!!U r defending an unworthy hero endlessly...i admire ur effort...alonso is a guy who will blame anything but himself if things went awful 4 him..come on my friend...he even tongue bashed renault for not backing him up...but it was purley his imagination n it was clearly known that renault did everything 4 him... u can put him in ferrari he will stil behave the same ...he got skills but he lacks personality...hamilton screwd up his chances but he is man enough to admit his mistakes n he also not a title greed bastard...he dont need a championship taken away from KIMI n given to him...maybe u should find a better hero than alonso...maybe kimi or massa....

    • Vice versa r.e Alonso, tosser.