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  • Chris w Chris w Oct 22, 2007 23:02 Flag

    100million dollar get out clause?

    100 million dollars is a lot of money, even for McLaren, by doing as the FIA wants, is it a way of getting out of paying the fine.
    Ecclestone clearly did not want Hamilton to win in Brasil and i don't think the FIA did either, Lewis has made a lot of experienced drivers look like amateurs this year.

    China....why was Lewis running on well worn tyres? it messed his race up, Brasil.....gear box problem just long enough to put Lewis at the back...ermmmm.

    Could the FIA and McLaren have a deal by make Lewis lose the world championship and the FIA waver the fine imposed for alleged cheating.

    Seems like a long shot doesn't it but stranger thing's happen, as doctor's can become personality's for neglecting there kid's, nothing will surprise me anymore.

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    • I dont think it was to avoid the 100mil fine but more likely to avoid being kicked out of next years championship which (correct me if i'm wrong) was one of the punishments possible in the spygate affair which I think was a setup anyway. At the end of the day this whole season has been one squalid mess and makes me come to the conclusion that F1 at the moment is rotten to the core, and will continue to be so while Ferrari continue to ride roughshod over the whole thing.