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    wow the latest!! Maclaren fans want this appeal!!!!

    thats what maclaren have said ...yea blame the fans,,,, i'm sure the true F1 fans know its all over and accept this verdict. putting in the same appeal is not what the pure maclaren fans want by what i've heard.anyway HAM looks to be a very good driver but he has been given a Maclaren as a rookie and thats not bad for a start .Button had not been given this chance..for me KIMI deserves it in the end.come on you can.i would like to see all the sample temp readings of all the teams from the whole season and then we can talk3-4 laps is all u can gain then the petrol is back to normal temp ,only Adatange you can get is if it were Qual not Race rules have been overlooked all the season Ham sitting a his car while being put back...that was dangerous to both driver of car and crane come on its not a game that u just reset and ur back on track where were the stewards blindfolded i guess..Im a ferrari fan and to me this was a miracle and had accepted Ham to win champ but his luck ran out and now is has gone the other way so no more lets hope next season it will be as tough ...............Bad luck mcfans truly

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    • I am a Mclaren fan and wanted Lewis to win the championship. but by appealing Mclaren are putting themselves and their fans down.

      Lewis and Mclaren had all the chances in the world to win the championship, but they just blew it. 18 point advantage with just two races left and they could manage to score just 2 points.Ron Dennis is just arrogant and lost focus in the end.

      Bottom line is Kimi won the chamiponship fair and sqaure and Lewis did not. Season is over and lets move on.Appealing now is just a sign of desperation from Mclaren

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      • agree with you...i'm a ferrari fan,but i loved the copmpetition this year between the drivers..the top four drivers..and how dare would the mclaren peoplesay that it was mainly the mclaren fans who wants them to appeal...maybe for some but i guess they're totally pressured by the british press..and by pursuing this appeal the mclaren just drag themselves deeper in S***...i wonder how the mercedes feel that their name is in that **** also..dennis is such a sore loser...

    • The FIA would in any case penalize Williams and BMW, but NOT Rosberg and Kubica, just like the Mac boys. Therefore this last minute appeal only shows, once more, how pathetic Dennis, Whitemarsh and Co. really are. Losers, losers, losers!!!!!

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      • you're right Frank silver..penalise the team..they're the ones who put that fuel there.not the driver..besides if they decide to penalise the three driver because the team used illegal fuel,i guess it's right to say that Hamilton and Alonso should have been penalise also a long time ago since their team are involve and found guilty in the SPY SAGA...that would be fair,i guess for all.

      • there is no fixed penalty for this type of offence, so you cannot say what might happen on appeal (the reason mclaren did not appeal before.) the only reason alonso was still racing this year was his immunity for 'cooperating' with the court. and didnt the whole ferrari team get DQed from a race for dodgy fuel a few years back?
        however, i think its fair to say the only fans he is talking about are the ones who also happen to be mclaren investors.
        the appeal is based on getting consistant and appropriate punishment for breaches of the regulations, and in this they are right. however because of the implications it would have, its not gonna happen, and i doubt anyone would really want it to.

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        mclaren why u just simply go and grow up before trying to handle an f1 team

    • sry for spell.. Maclaren.. accidently pressed post no edit