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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 28, 2007 20:23 Flag

    Ron .........the appealer

    "normally banned for 2 years" your words not mine. Says Who? Where does it say that? You have copies of the dossier? you know what was in it? the answer is no. You just summise that it contained delicate techinical data when in reality it could be anthing from car design to what jean todt has on his toast for breakfast. The reason you summise? you are Italian and a Ferrari fan so you read into the situation what you so desire, which is usually totally unfounded #$%$.

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    • ..I am Northern italian............. .which is another thing.. precisely Venetic...........it' s worst than you said English to a Scotsman. That said.......you' re right.....I' m a Ferrari fan , although I have a consideration of Fiat group and its whole management that is worst than yours, because of what they did in italy in the past in association with the worst politicians of this ''country''. But Ferrari is another thing. It is an important team obviously . It represents a large part of the F1 history, being there since the beginning and in races before F1 even was born. It' s a split from Alfa Romeo at then end and Alfa won also against the Mercedes when the then called silver arrows were used to win anything. The two year ban is not an invention. In the past another team was banned ............maybe Tyrrel ...for one or two years. Having in your hands 700 pages of drawings, the full Ferrari F2007 project is not a joke. As it was sentenced with all those drawings they could esily build a complete Ferrari F1 car...... what do you need to ban a team ? Those who were banned in the past for one or two years ........I don' t remember well but you can control .....it has been reported by tv...........were banned because of much lesser. So please at least give up depicting yourselves as victims. No one told you anything after the spy story ended as it ended in a court and we would have had things to told you. After all that cheating .....you lost because yourselves gave away the title...what do you want more ? To tell us the moon is quadrangular ?

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      • 700 pages of drawings? so you have a personal copy of the file??? how else would you know what nobody else knows except Ferrari, the FIA & obviously McLaren. Like I've already told you more than once, you are guessing as to the files contents. You try to make out like Mclaren stole the blueprints to your beloved Ferrari and went straight to the machine shop to make a clone, which just isnt true.They broke the rules by having the file, yes, and were rightly punished for it. What more do YOU want??? 2 year ban? maybe throw McLaren out of F1 forever. Better still everyone run Ferraris, that should keep you all happy.