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    Ron .........the appealer

    given that someone here says appeals only result succesfull when are done by the Ferrari team.............could someone please tell me why in Japan the race direction adviced the Ferrari
    Scuderia to adopt the tyres for extreme wet conditions only after the start, while the same direction adviced all the other teams well in advance ? They were forced to stop and change the tyres ...........with no chances to win. What if that happened to the preferred baby Hamilton ?

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    • I agree - but here's how people build conspiracies out of things...

      How much influence will Renault have. On the face of it, as much as Ferrari, more than Mercedes.

      Now look again. Who provides the Red Bull engine? So, that's two teams that Renault can influence.

      And what about the Monaco Circuit. Do we know if their representative favours Renault, or Ferrari? I mean, look at the location of Monaco. So sudden;y, renault might have three representatives in thier back pockets before any negotiations start.

      If these things can be turned into a conspiracy, someone out there will turn it into a conspiracy.

      Far fetched? Maybe - and stranger things have happened.

    • Well, I speak to Italians in Spanish and they answer in Italian and we understand each other, and I've seen many Spaniards and Italians do this. Obviously you change a few words here and there. I would compare them more with Norwegian and Swedish in that when they're spoken and written they understand each other. I can speak German and I understand written Dutch, though when they speak it sounds so different it's not easy to follow. Spanish and Italian are the closest of the romance languages, when they're spoken that is. Portuguese is pronounced so differently to how its written that they understand the Spaniards but not al reves.

      On a different note, the Northen people are always very different from the Southern people in most countries, and its always the southerners who have the reputation of a country - like the flamenco, siestas etc of Spain - thats only Andalucia yet people think the whole of Spain's like that! Funny, eh? But annoying too, I guess.

    • None, but ferrari haven't any more than the others either.

    • The conversation between De La Rosa & Alonso is common knowledge, it is contained in the FIA transcript from the Paris meeting. However, the sentence regarding Mcl having enough information to construct an entire Ferrari is not. Whats that Russian saying you keep quoting, ah yes I think translated in English it goes like this' If you keep pedalling the same lie for long enough you start to believe it yourself ' Well congratulations, now try this one. 'Fernando Alonso is a fine upstanding human being'

    • if I am ridicolous ...............you, with your english proudness, are the God of anything that is laughable ........said....in your english..obviously......but it wouldn' t change much if you knew another language. Every paper, every tv ..here............as well as everywhere else...(in germany too).......reported ............what De La Rosa and Alonso said togheter on the phone with regards to the Ferrari's brake system etc.etc. Obviously much better thinking this has to do with the Grimm brothers whom I think you know much better than me.

    • I'm sorry, but that opinion is merely one side of the argument. the appeal was heard by lawyers supposedly independent of FiA, and they imposed what they considered to be an appropriate sentence. Given that they were independent, impartial, and in possession of all pertinent facts, given that they knew FiA rules and regulations, I would rather trust their judgement than to entrust it to a bunch of journalists, no matter how credible.

      I mean, rumour has it that all Italian Motoring journalists have to vote for an Italian car as european car of the year. -or else the Italian Motor Industry will make it impossible for them to continue to review new cars...(I apologise in advance if this is incorrect - I learned this piece of info from the British Press, and either way it demonstrates just how much trust you can place in the press, be they newspapers, magazines or TV. Besides, anything that Berlusconi has had his hands on has to be suspect...I suspect)

    • Your just being ridiculous now. Of course I doubt anything without solid proof, the fact its been Italian TV is no proof. Its a bit like me saying I've seen it on ITV so it must be true. Was that sentence on Italian TV??? in Italian papers???? I'd sooner believe thr brothers Grimm frankly. What I have read incidently is part of the transcript from the FIA meeting with McLaren in paris. Quite interesting the bit where Mclaren invite the FIA to send in Charlie Whiting and go through them top to bottom and not come out until he's satisfied that there has been no use of the information.They didnt take up the offer. Must have been scared they wouldn't find anything. Your Italian by the way.

    • I can understand very little of spanish ................given that italian and spanish are more different than you probably think. I think they' re different as german is different from dutch. Same thing considering italian and french but possibly at a lesser degree. Obviously Regno Unito is very similar to spanish

    • personal opinion - Max Mosley has to resign. His position has become untenable following his statements which would appear to favour Ferrari above all other teams.

      Personal opinion - no team that buys parts from another team should be given any postion of authority within FiA for as long as it buys those parts. So, a team that supplied engines to any other team would not be able to use coersion upon that other team to gain advantage.

      Personal opinion - I think the ICA should be completely independant of FiA, to ensure that Max or any future president can't subborn it. Currently, it's a set of lawyers appointed by FiA which makes them suspect to pressure. (I know that the British Rep is Anthony Scrivener, and I have no doubt that he's a man of absolute integrity - and I feel certain that the other members are likewise people of impecable integrity. Long may it remain so - BUT, to be on the safe side...)

      Personal Opinion - too many rules and regulations occur that favour Ferrari. Take for example this ban on engine development. This favours teams with a proven engine. It favours teams that can't afford much development money. And hey presto - the one team with a proven engine that has to suddenly face up to the hardships of economic life is Ferrari... This might be coincidence, but it looks so suspicious.

    • But Max says that the decision making process is actually in the hands of only a few people - not the many that make up the full council. As in Britain, the committee makes a recommendation and most of those recommendations become statute without any discussion in full council/parliament. they just get nodded through.

      And I'm not actually arguing FOR one side. I am only trying to present as best I can an opposing point of view - it's all about that level playing field thing. People should hear both sides of the argument, not just the FiA promoted one.

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