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  • danimik danimik Nov 14, 2007 17:19 Flag

    Ecclestone to retire

    if McLaren win their appeal and LH is promoted to champion.

    Now why can't Bernie do the decent thing and retire if an extensive survey of the pitlane reveals that the wheel is round.

    Or perhaps he should retire if new evidence is found that man wasn't intended to fly - which is why he has no wings.

    But no, he raises up my hopes and then adds the rider 'If McLaren win their appeal.'

    And i thought it was going to be a good day for F1

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    • Thank you. The same applies to you.
      I love F1 &, even after many years, like to constantly learn more & more about it. That`s impossible to do if you can`t talk to other people, get their outlook etc, without blind bias over nothing more than the colour of the cars involved.

    • spooky - I replied & got a "page not found" maybe the FIA are watching us? ;-)
      I`ll try again.
      lol - I made perfect sense to myself but on re-reading I can see how you misunderstood me.

      I meant that it could be argued that depending on what 3 laps gave any possible advantage (presumably those directly following the pitstop) then the order of cars would have been different at that stage. Not only McLaren cars would have been disadvantaged.
      I`m not advocating that argument, by the way, but you see where I`m heading?
      It all starts to get too much like the red-flag, rewind to last lap rule.
      I`m sure you remember Brazil in the pouring rain & the glorified #$%$ up with trophies playing pass the parcel down the pitlane!

    • atleast your allegiance does not prevent you from entering into a debate with balanced views. Long may your input be forthcoming to the forum - others should take note!!

    • Correct my memory fade please paddock.

      3 cars fuel affected excluded addback brain fade webber if he did manage to finish equals net gain of 2 places for LH. Does this not change the final positions?

    • Yes :(
      It gets even more frustrating when you support the team that is always being accused of being favoured & you know that they also get shafted by the FIA.
      Everyone is entitled to an opinion but it would be so much easier if more of them were at least based on more than media fed rumour.
      Not going to change, though.

    • Because, as far as I know, the email was held up on a server. Totally out of everyone`s hands. Just one of the problems with relying totally on computer technology.
      No dark secrets. I would think we`ve probably all had the same happen to our own emails at some time.
      Williams, yes, but BMW had a few good races last season & had already been mixing it at the front.
      Mind you, it was a bit of a game of attrition at Brazil, too. e.g. If Webber, had still been in 3rd (? memory fade) then the points of the 2 teams questioned would not have made a difference to the championship even with an appeal.

    • If these are the facts, then i agree. Ferrari have suffered an injustice and could understandably be peeved by it. Yet again, another example of the failings of the FIA. They really are a joke!

    • Ok, but why was nobody else affected if it was a generic problem down the pit lane. You must admit that the performance of the BMW/Williams cars on that day for the whole duration of the race was something different than the rest of the season - that was pretty evident even without my mclaren tinted glasses on.

    • Sorry, addendum.

      Ferrari proved to the FIA that the email did not arrive until after the race had begun. Hence, the FIA are now also going to make sure they have confirmation of receipt in future.
      When cars are already out there racing on what the FIA deems the wrong tyres & are told they`ll be black-flagged if they aren`t brought in within 3 laps, there isn`t much else a team can do.

    • As far as I heard any competitive advantage would have been for a maximum of 3 laps. Of course, it could be argued which 3 laps but........
      Your emails point is exactly what I meant. Has to be put down to a "racing incident" because there is no other regulatory way to deal with it.
      Now, if, as has been suggested, the fault lies with the fuel gauges (either of the two) then, as they are provided en masse to the whole pitlane, it could be argued that BMW & Williams were not responsible.
      I`m not syaing that is what they`ll do or that I would agree if they did, I`m just putting forward one point of view.

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