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  • ..........they claimed they didn' t want to win the title in other place than the track........but now..''those who infringed rules must be disqualified and points should be not given to the drivers''..............Those who are talking are the same who had a complete project of another car.......and have been disqualified..............but not their drivers obviously who drove without taking advantage of knowing at what point of the races Ferrari would have stopped besides knowing a lot else. The same who used three sets of tyres instead of the allowed two in the last race.......and this thing too does not represent advantage in this case given that it involves themselves. Obviously BMW's drivers should be disqualified and anyone should be happy that thenchampionship is given to this ....PATHETIC TEAM.

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    • .........at least you are intelligent enough to understand that given that it' s me who is writing .........the opinion reported is mine as well

    • due birre, grazie

      anything esle i need to know?

    • All right .........a presto

    • Si, calma. Sempre calma.
      L`italiano é molto simile all`inglese (vero?)
      I find Italian fairly easy to read because I learnt French & Spanish at school.
      I find it much harder to write & speak :(
      The gender & the sentence structure is the worst for me.
      A presto!

    • Baldovino, you have more than enough mastery of the English language to get your views across on this message board. Bravisimo! (hope I got that right)
      I wish I was talented enough to be able to master more than one language (apart from Anglo-Saxon).

    • Calma (you should understand this, it's equal to English ........it indicates a calm state .......maybe calmness in English ? ) e tolleranza (tolerance) sempre....(always). Nice that you know some italian ......it's not so easy to learn. I think it' s like learning an Eastern language such as Slovakian or similar .........too may desinences in words and verbs. Simplicity is synonimous of smartness...that's why I adore English although mine can' t be as elaborated as the one of people living there.

    • are you, by any chance, a ferari idiot?

      we are now back to the bad old days of cheating to win.

    • you my friend, and i say that in the loosest possible terms, do a considerable injustice to the thousands of genuine ferarri fans that can hold a decent debate with F1 fans that have an allegiance with other teams, without lowering the tone of the debate to such a despicable level. You badly need to re-appraise your hystreonics so that others can treat your thread responses with something other than complete and utter contempt.

      PS for paddock: don't translate this for the merchant banker let him figure it out for himself!

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      • pit...........there's no need to set up a dialogue with paddock .........involving an English I can' t follow given that I never lived in England or America, not either for just one single day. Just learnt at school. And it 's not my main field...........being it math and phisics. That said ..............it seems to me you all have a distorted vision of reality caused by your being blind supporters of your team. That' s why you are able to invert things and let the cheaters appear as victims. You all look like revisionists. And then ..why all this acrimony towards a team that won on tracks and nothing to say about a non sensed last race by your hero who throw away the title ? I' ve written more than one single time......should I have been him I would have driven as a tourist and now would be enjoying the title. Please explain this thing to yourselves ant to the baby as well.