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  • danimik danimik Nov 19, 2007 01:13 Flag

    good day for sport

    Othe sources say that RD phoned MM himself after FA attempted his little piece of blackmail - though he told MM that he didn't believe there was anything in it.

    Now, the choice is, do you believe RD or MM.

    Eddie Jorand's veiw of RD? 'Referring to the lack of sanctions given to the BMW Sauber and Williams teams following the Brazilian Grand Prix for possible usage of fuel cooled below regulatory standards, the Irishman explained that McLaren's reaction most probably stems directly from Ron Dennis' character.

    "It's very difficult. I can understand that Ron was very hurt," said Jordan. "I understood possibly why he did it because Ron is very strong about correctness and he wanted to see the correctness."'

    So, EJ thinks that RD is full on for integrity, doing the right thing... Can the same be said about MM?