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    Sports personality - 2007

    Oh well: Ron did n't get 'manager of the year'; and Lewis came second (again) - so the British public and the tabloids soon forgot.
    I did n't see all the program - did I miss the award for 'best sport lawyers for you' ?

    With James Toseland playing piano and F1 teams being able to program engines to play tunes with the exhaust note perhaps motor sport should go in for music awards rather than sport?

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    • looks to me like the boxing fraternity got the votes out - Calzaghe and Hatton 1 and 3. Not the first time that a minority sport has canvassed support to win - I mean how many show jumpers have won this prize?

      But hey, any opportunity for another cheap shot at RD and LH...

    • ahhhhh...poor little Hammy does it hurt to know your not considered a racing god in the other parts of the world?

    • Poor Lewis
      He looked as if he was about to cry...!!
      The bottom lip was all a-quiver..!!
      RED hot favourite; and he blows it again to come in second......team orders no doubt..

      The great British public had a free vote - not just the F-1 fanatics and put him in his place...won a few races, achieved nothing.

      But there is always next year - if the McLarri is allowed to race.

      Suspect FIA will ask McLarri to redesign their car after Ferrari have built a version of the F-2008 with enough insider information on the McLarri to raise the suspicions of Mad Max.

      The 2008 McLarri will be a DOG like the R-27 Renault.

      We will see how much of a team player Lewis is when the car is not at the front of the grid.....