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  • GRAHAM J GRAHAM J Dec 10, 2007 21:06 Flag

    Fernando returns to Renault

    No big surprise there, looks like he was playing the waiting game; he didn't want to move to a team that was going to be penalised before the season even got started.
    Now, who's going to get the vacant McLaren seat?

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    • Like I`ve said before, I`m not exactly happy with the FIA either.
      Yes, I may look at it slightly differently but I don`t disagree with you.

      I really don`t believe that a new broom will actually solve the problem, that`s all. For a start finding anyone who fills all the desired criteria (listed earlier) is going to be all but impossible to do.

      For the easiest explanation I have to put my red cap on.....
      If you can name someone who has no possible bias one way or the other with Ferrari then I`ll reconsider. At present, I can`t, just because everybody alive with an F1 history has either raced with or against Ferrari. As it`s usually Ferrari that the FIA are accused of being bias towards I think this is a huge problem.
      You can replace Max` vote - it will still be only one of 26 votes. You can chose someone who will have less to say (that, in itself, rules out a good few names already put forward) etc but the first time that person was involved in a ruling the same scenario would start again. Whoever leads or makes up the FIA there`s going to be a running count of which team wins more decisions. That`s sadly the nature of F1 followers & the media.

      I`d love it all to be sorted out, I just don`t see it as the easy-to-solve-just-get-rid-of-Max.

    • When i look at a new company accquisiton - a company in difficulty - if i see the difficulty arising from poor management, the management departs!

      The company is then given its chance with a new team and the performance closely monitored.

      Delete "company" insert "FIA". The structure of the FIA maybe ok, but the personnel who could make a difference clearly are not able to make the difference. Whether this is down to incompetence, poor leadership or personal agenda's - we can only guess. But whilst i can relate to the 'both go' scenario, the saving grace for me about RD is that his heart are desires are in the sport of F1. What MM is there for, god only knows. He should depart and a period of clarity and new leadership should follow and after that period if RD demonstrates the same traits as currently on show, then he too should move aside.

      To do nothing would be a complete and utter sin. God forbid we follow the example of British International Football - 22 highly paid ego's that can't hack it as a cohesive team. But F1 is slowly, no quickly descending down the same slope.

    • That is greatly appreciated, Graham. I`m not here to convert people but it does get depressing sometimes when I find myself in the extreme minority (often of 1) & every woe in the sport is Ferrari`s fault directly or indirectly via Max :(
      I often feel like I`m on a McLaren BB not general F1. ;-)

    • Unfortunately I have to agree on most of your points, paddock (can't believe I'm agreeing with paddock!).
      Sad but true - the days of sport for the sake of fun and ingenuity seem to be gone.
      As to Toyota and Honda - they should truly be ashamed at making every mistake in the book while BMW are getting it all right so far (could be the big surprise in 2008 I hope).
      Anyway - sorry for nicking a thread about that slimey sneaky little Alonso, who really deserves much credit for getting where he is while everyone else is arguing - not that I have anything aginst the bloke mind :-)

    • Don`t see many in McLaren F1s either :o)

    • 'Joe Bloggs' can't afford to buy Ferrari's

    • I`m not disagreeing with the idea - just saying I can`t see it happening.
      Of course, if you have a few hundred million & want to start up your own team :o)

      F1 is a PR exercise for most of the teams now. Ford thought Jaguars would sell & didn`t realise how much they`d throw at it in the attempt. They quit.
      Honda & Toyota are probably hanging on so they`re aren`t the first to bale out ;-) I`m surprised Toyota`s still on the grid considering how much they`ve spent for so little.
      Renault is on a "while it suits us". As you know they`ve been in & out. [No French mechanical aid jokes, please ;-)]
      BMW seem to have settled down but were also threatening to walk.
      At least give Ferrari their due in that they come from a real racing background. To be honest, I don`t know why they stay in F1 myself - they really don`t need the hassle they take.
      I don`t think they need F1 to sell their cars - the GT race & the name could do that. The fan stuff sold worldwide probably helps but, being the largest supported team worldwide, is why they have been thought of by some as needed more by F1 than needing F1.
      It`s their passion (oh yes it`s that word again) for racing that keeps them there, just as with McLaren & Williams. I can give those teams credit for it even if their followers can`t find it possible to do the same for the team I support.

    • F*** the manufacturers and the FIA - we're paying their wages !

      Paddock - seriously though - I'm convinced that the manufacturers would see the advantages of building individual cars which can be recognised as something different from the others.
      Nobody will be interested when every car has exactly the same everything in it - we're close enough now that a new bit of plastic stuck in a strategic place is enough for 500 photographers to write 20 pages about it in the motorsport mags.
      Look at the road cars - they all look the same and when a company builds something a bit different it sells like hot cakes.
      Of course if you're a Ferrari fan you'd buy a car that looked like a dog turd if it had a prancing donkey on the front (can't wait for the replies to this post haha).

      By the way - talking of sheds - Jochen RIndt used to call M(osley)ARCH "Eltschek Racing" because (in an Austrian accent) he insisted the cars were built in an "old shack" :-)

    • Ah, the old days of Ken in his shed. Enzo at the farmhouse etc.
      Nice thought, Graham, but in these days not likely to find wide acceptance among the manufacturers.

    • so,it was a good choice I didn´t study to become a magistrate

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