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  • probablygraham probablygraham Dec 13, 2007 01:56 Flag

    Fernando returns to Renault

    F*** the manufacturers and the FIA - we're paying their wages !

    Paddock - seriously though - I'm convinced that the manufacturers would see the advantages of building individual cars which can be recognised as something different from the others.
    Nobody will be interested when every car has exactly the same everything in it - we're close enough now that a new bit of plastic stuck in a strategic place is enough for 500 photographers to write 20 pages about it in the motorsport mags.
    Look at the road cars - they all look the same and when a company builds something a bit different it sells like hot cakes.
    Of course if you're a Ferrari fan you'd buy a car that looked like a dog turd if it had a prancing donkey on the front (can't wait for the replies to this post haha).

    By the way - talking of sheds - Jochen RIndt used to call M(osley)ARCH "Eltschek Racing" because (in an Austrian accent) he insisted the cars were built in an "old shack" :-)