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  • Gray's Ghost Gray's Ghost Dec 17, 2007 20:08 Flag

    Fan Power to blow away cobwebs

    As most fans of F1 are partisan it is difficult to prevent personal feelings from getting in the way when discussing the future of the sport. Every fan wants the best for their team and are willing to make some sacrifices if it means putting one over on their rivals. This means that we, like the teams, never unify when a major issue raises its head.

    As fans we should have the power to motivate the organisers of this sport, but we spend so much time squabbling amongst ourselves like children that we forget the big picture. We all love F1 and we would be lost without it.

    I believe that we should use these message boards to coordinate ourselves when important issues come along and rather than banging on about our individual team, we should consider the sport as a whole and fight for the future. Easier said than done.

    We all know that Paddockbend is a scary Ferrari fan (who I secretly believe is Max Mosely), Graham J supports McLaren and there are lots of others who split into various camps. I don’t support a single team, but support drivers, and I’m still waiting to see who some of them will be driving for next year.

    What I suggest is that we mobilise Fan Power to see if we can send a message to those who should listen when the next issue arises. What would be the thoughts of others to the suggestion that on certain issues, when people like Paddock, Graham and other leading contributors all agree that for the future of the sport we all take a certain action, we actually do it.

    Obviously we will never get someone fired.

    But we may make subtle changes for the benefit of the fans – oh, that would be us.

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    • When the Two Spiders(Ecclestone and Mosely) sit weaving their Webs whats the point of Deluding ourselves!!F1 has become a device for swelling Ecclestones Billions by kowtowing to TV/Advertisers
      in mounting a processional spectacle that displays the car adverts above all else!!When Ecclestone puts 15-20 million on each track to widen and so make overtaking possible then and only then will we see REAL RACING!!He spends 70million of F1 money on a house but neglects to provide overtaking space at most tracks--and most fans just sit and Worship the Money!! WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!

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      Guinevere, eh? Quite like the sound of that but she ended up as a nun!

      Now - Eleanor of Aquitaine.

      There was one feisty lady who, despite spending donkeys years locked up by her old man, never lost her spirit & managed to keep her assorted male brats in some sort of order. Not bad for a woman in the 12th century.
      Yep, Eleanor it is, I reckon.

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      What about Guinevere?

      I almost suggested Helen of Troy, but as her face launched a thousand ships she must have been quite a sight - why didn't she use a bottle of champagne like everyone else?

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    • Decorum, that's what you do to apples before you cook them....
      Seriously, how about Marilyn Monroe.... friends in high (and low) places, influenced a president and was best remembered for flashing her (woolen) kniickers..... :-)

    • Godiva brrrrrr - Joan of Arc pppphhhhew.
      Can`t you come up with anyone, who has some sense of decorum, without going to extremes?! ;-)

    • For a divine right to rule - it has to be.......

      Joan of Arc

    • Graham J a McLaren fan? Am I a closet rebel here? I don't think so Gray's G. I prefer to think of myself as an F1 fan with no particular leanings towards any particular team or driver.
      I do admit to having a go at a certain Snr Alonso in the past but I am also guilty of praising Kimmi for the way he won the championship with good grace, I say it again, a fantastic sportsman! I have also commended DC for his act of tribute when Colin M was tragically lost to the world of motor sport. Incidentally, Colin was a distant cousin of mine so I too felt a sense of great loss.
      As for the future of the sport, I am concerned.... the days of "sportsmanship" seem to have gone out of the window. Team spying has always gone on to a certain extent but what happened this year was so far over the top as to be unbelievable.
      Unbiased? I try to be, but as a Brit it is hard when British teams are caught in the vice, however, that is no excuse for doing wrong in the sport and I roundly condemn then for it.
      Where the "whole truth" is we - as fans - will probably never know. I firmly believe that the FIA have appeared to be uneven in their handling of this years complaints and have said elsewhere that MM must keep his personal oppinions to himself when representing the FIA. Bad judgement or just a personal grudge against certain people in the teams, you decide....
      I do agree that the sport needs to be "cleaned up" and if that means resignations then so be it; no matter who or where they are. As fans we can only post our views and see the reaction it gets from other fans but if we keep sending the same, united message to the authorities maybe, just maybe, someone will take notice and do something about it!
      Change for the better, yes...change for the sake of change, no way!

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      • I have to agree with Graham - as a kid I was a Lotus fan and there wasn't any other team for me. Lotus and the (often dangerous) ingenuity of the team died along with Colin Chapman and since then I have just liked the sport, especially when an underdog team like Renault showed all the rich guys how to do it.

        Whatever anyone says, the FIA have done a very bad job in the last few years when it comes to "appearing" impartial, whether they have truly been impartial or not. I still can't believe that Renault got away without any punishment at all after breaking the rules, and what really stank was the fact that the media were reporting Max and Bernie as saying that nothing would happen well before the supposedly independent committee made any decision on the matter.

        At the same time McLaren have been at best stupid and at worse were truly sore losers in their actions since the spying affair came out.

        As fans we can do nothing apart from boycott races, but most of the cash comes from the TV rights anyway. A few years back Bernie even said he diodn't give a damn whether fans came to the races or not.

        The upsetting thing for me as a fan of the sport is that last season could have been one of the best since Senna/Prost/Mansell days. It was totally ruined and poor Kimi was hardly even noticed as a worthy champion.

    • roflolol! Noble ideas but.......

      Now if you think I`m "a scary Ferrari fan (who I secretly believe is Max Mosely)" then the ability for us to agree about pretty much anything goes out the window straight away! ;-)
      I thought the recent goings on had proved that all the FIA/Ferrari stuff wasn`t quite what some people had made of it?

      You are right, though. Communication is the answer. The biggest benefit we could all make is to listen to each other, consider fairly what is said, check the facts & try not to abuse each other just because we have different loyalties.

      I`m only one voice amongst many on here. All have their equal value (unless it`s just a troll) & I definitely don`t see myself as the Che G of the F1 boards!!

    • Paddockbend can´t be Max Mosely because Max Mosely is........me.
      Where have I heard before today your pretty words?
      could be John Lennon, Imagine all te people.......
      LET¨S HOPE SO.