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  • probablygraham probablygraham Dec 18, 2007 01:26 Flag

    Fan Power to blow away cobwebs

    I have to agree with Graham - as a kid I was a Lotus fan and there wasn't any other team for me. Lotus and the (often dangerous) ingenuity of the team died along with Colin Chapman and since then I have just liked the sport, especially when an underdog team like Renault showed all the rich guys how to do it.

    Whatever anyone says, the FIA have done a very bad job in the last few years when it comes to "appearing" impartial, whether they have truly been impartial or not. I still can't believe that Renault got away without any punishment at all after breaking the rules, and what really stank was the fact that the media were reporting Max and Bernie as saying that nothing would happen well before the supposedly independent committee made any decision on the matter.

    At the same time McLaren have been at best stupid and at worse were truly sore losers in their actions since the spying affair came out.

    As fans we can do nothing apart from boycott races, but most of the cash comes from the TV rights anyway. A few years back Bernie even said he diodn't give a damn whether fans came to the races or not.

    The upsetting thing for me as a fan of the sport is that last season could have been one of the best since Senna/Prost/Mansell days. It was totally ruined and poor Kimi was hardly even noticed as a worthy champion.

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    • Grahams, yes both of you, having read your postings I admit I agree with many of your points, but I'm also worried that you've missed the point slightly.

      At what point has anyone said anything about "change for change sake"? Graham made some excellent points about the lack of consistency within the FIA then basically said we had to put up with it.

      Do we post here for our fifteen minutes of fame, to hear ourselves whinge or to try to raise awareness of issues that need to be addressed? I thought it was the latter. If it is then why not try to take it that one step further and make the message boards a pressure group?

      If we as fans do not believe that the Independent Enquiries are truly independent then why don't we try to do something about it?

      If the level of punishments are inconsistent than pressurise to make them either equally fair or equally unfair where everyone committing the same crime receives the same punishment, with no sliding scale because the team boss is a shareholder in the same football team as one of the sport’s organisers. Whether that is why teams have been given leniency in the past or not doesn’t matter, the fact that there is a proven link between the two men casts a shadow of doubt over proceedings.

      If we continue to do nothing then we will continue to get what we deserve, a sport that doesn’t care for our opinions, nor whether we attend races apparently, but one that is run for the benefit of a few individuals who have forgotten that they are there to regulate a sport with a massive fan base numbered in the millions world wide.

      You may gather that my passion for this sport as a whole is as strong as any individuals toward their team. I ask the question, what is the point of supporting a team to the distraction of all else if in the end the sport ceases to exist and you’re left with fixed races determined by cash flow?

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      • gawwd - gonna have to change my nickname or you can call me prob for short :-)
        2 grahams and a grays in one forum !

        To be honest I think every sport changes when it gets it wrong - the fans (and unfortunately more importantly) the sponsors will not support something which gives them a bad image - look at what has happened to the Tour de France.

        It has been said (I wasn't there and therefore I say only "allegedly") that Bernie has had banners removed for being critical of his circus, and I think taking Martin Brundle and the Sunday papers to court is going to be a very bad mistake.

        I'd forgotten about the days of FISA and FOCA with the scandals surrounding Jean Marie Ballestre until I was searching for some information earlier. That was the point at which Max came to power and I think that the recent events will lead to another big change in the sport.

        Anyway - let's look forward to a brilliant season next year - it looks very promising but any more scandals will kill F1 as we know it- which is probably a good thing.