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  • anonemouse anonemouse Jan 2, 2008 08:25 Flag

    First Scandel of 2008

    Thought that would get peoples attention.... but seriously.... what are peoples thoughts on what could be the first negative news in F1 ... Not being pesemistic nor optomistic posting this... call me a realist....lol.

    My guess would be for no interferance from outside sources ( Max and Bernie take note please)..... now you can call me an optomist.

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    • No, you just lose a GP & have to alternate.
      Spain has got it`s second race just in time to NOT have the WDC but then they still have FA competing & bringing in the viewers.
      Poor little San Marino lost out because it had to race in Italy. With the best will in the world I don`t think they could have found the room to race on top of their own hill ;-)
      Then, of course, there`s Silverstone. Least said about that the better at the moment.

    • Most German fans are a bit surprised that Mercedes haven't got a German driver, but it's rather like Ferrari not having an Italian. If you win the driver can be an eskimo :-)

      But basically most Germans don't give a damn now that MS has (semi-) retired, which is good because the GP tickets will be cheaper again :-)

    • Yes, it was a while ago, I think.
      Anyway, I would imagine you get to see a little less of him now. Maybe Vettel will take over.
      I see Bartels was moaning that Mercedes [yes, I understand that`s what they call the team in Germany.... but that`s grounds for starting a civil war with the Brits that consider it English ;-) ] should have a German driver.
      Is that a widely held view In Germany?

    • Very good :-)
      Don't know how I missed that - was a few years back by the look of it.

    • hahahahaha!!! Didn`t understand a word but loved it.
      I`ve only watched Brasil but I`ll make a point of going through them.
      It took me a while to work out who was propping up the end of the bar.... until he fell over ;-)
      I found the AprilApril link. It`s fairly long .....

    • MS and Klinsmann both understood the media - very few do.
      Didn't see the "April April" thing (means "April fool") but will have a look for it.

      There's a brilliant series on here though, called the Eckelsteins (as in Ecclestones) - not quite Nick Park but pretty funny even if you don't understand German. There's one clip per race.

      This is a good one:

      but there are stacks of them under:

      I don't think the public want sensible commentaries any more - hype is what gets people talking, and if they're talking there's money to be made - look at Paris Hilton etc etc

    • Yes, I can believe it.

      lol - Of course the Schumi era over here was marked by a continuous saga of wicked Hun type stuff.
      We didn`t get many interviews. Apart from contractual obligations, MS quickly learnt what he was in for from the British media - & so, of course, the fact that he wouldn`t fall for their tricks made him "arrogant".
      Did you see the "April, April" (German Candid camera sort of thing, I believe) where they caught M & Corinna?
      I don`t think you can dress up in some of the things he tried on, dance around, make a complete prat of yourself & still be considered arrogant. It`s on YouTube now, I think.

      Wouldn`t it be nice just to have old-fashioned commentary - this is happening, this works like this etc. & not have all the speculation, propaganda & general #$%$. Maybe we could all get back to trying to enjoy the sport more.

    • Now I think it is safe for me to come out of hiding............ I have to agree with your view on this matter....... because of all the bad press, over hyping etc etc..... this season was doomed to be over shadowed by ghosts of 2007...... HOWEVER.... we, the FIA fearing, die hard, bullshit ignoring petrol heads will, hopefully, be able to see though all the fog, and view 2008 as a season in which we, Max and Bernie permitting, will have the delight of a 4 team ( Ferrari, McLaren, BMW, Renault) battle for the championship..... call me an optomist if you want..... but it's better than looking at the possible darker side!!!!!!!!

    • Under the circumstances I think you are allowed to strip down to the cod piece. Oh &, in view of the sun, as the song goes "You can keep your hat on"!

    • It's quite interesting to see how media coverage shapes joe public's views.
      In Germany there hasn't been that much hype over Hamilton and he's still well liked.
      McLaren have been quite lucky because the Germans have called the team Mercedes for years anyway.
      At the same time, the Schumacher era was simply awful - he was in every newspaper, every talk show, you name it he was in it, and it turned most of the German public off (except for the people who jumped on the bandwagon and bought everything that had a jumping horse on it but couldn't even tell which car was Schumacher's at the circuit).
      In fact the readers' page in the Swiss/German weekly motorsport paper has been full of readers' letters threatening to stop their subscription if they didn't stop reporting on Schumacher.

      I'm really interested to see this season but can't help thinking it will be a "if McLaren had been allowed to develop their car in peace" or "only because McLaren developed the ECU" sort of season. I hope it won't be but I have this horrible feeling.

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