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  • probablygraham probablygraham Jan 5, 2008 07:38 Flag

    Jean Todt has lost all respect for McLaren

    JT was quoted in the German motorsport press today as saying that he has lost all respect for McLaren.
    Fair enough, but I thought everyone has agreed that it's about time that we started looking forward. Even the FIA has said that with the apology the issue is basically closed.
    However, he also said that all the facts will come out and that all the critics of the FIA decision will be silenced.

    This worries me a bit because I'm wondering where this information is going to come from:

    1) Is the FIA holding back information? If so (unless it is for legal reasons), we're back to the issue of why the FIA handles the information flow to the media and fans badly
    2) Is Ferrari holding back information? If so, it's possible that they're just waiting for the right moment to do a "They won the race but that was our idea and therefore they must be disqualified". If this is the case, then my worst fears about the new season are justified, with the FIA sitting and analyzing every result.
    3) Is this just JT throwing a bit of a wobbly and stirring things up? Personally I hope so because I don't want 1) or 2) to be the case.

    Any ideas or do you have the information in your private safe, paddock? :-)

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    • He probably does know much more.
      However, the drivers were not named on an "avviso" as far as I know.

    • Thanks paddock - I thought it was Ferrari privately prosecuting Stepney et al.

      However, as I said in my last post, if something were to turn up in the criminal court which resulted in (for instance) Alonso being prosecuted, I can't imagine the FIA sticking to their decisions as they stand and just ignoring it all, i.e. I think they would reopen the sporting case.

      Anyway - not really anything we can do until we hear what happens in Italy. It's just they way JT has been quoted sounds a lot like he knows something we don't and can't wait for it to come out into the open.

    • I think he`s referring to the court cases where more details & facts may come out.
      The FIA only cover sporting issues, as I`ve tried to explain, the law will cover crime.

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      • I'm a little worried about the "may" come out.
        The way he was quoted in the press seems to suggest he knows something "will" come out.

        Glad that you cleared up the issue of sporting issues against crime issues, but I'm now even MORE worried in case the findings from the Stepney criminal case turn out reopening the FIA sporting case. This could go on forever and I hope Ferrari see that it isn't in their interest if the sport goes down the tube even further, however nice it would be to think that justice is done.