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  • Gray's Ghost Gray's Ghost Jan 7, 2008 23:48 Flag

    Jean Todt out to get McLaren?

    Looking at the recent press interviews it does seem that JT is really trying hard to damage McLaren ahead of the new season. In fact it looks to me, a mere mortal, that having failed to get them banned from this season through the spying scandal of last season he's trying again.

    So far he's stated that he has no respect for McLaren and cannot wait for the court cases when all of the information will come out. This isn't a veiled threat to McLaren he appears to be simply stating that he's going to make sure that whether it is pertinent or not he is going to release information to embarrass McLaren.

    He's also complained, just before testing of the new cars for this season, that McLaren have an unfair advantage because they won the contract for electrical components over another FIAT subsidiary.

    Is it me, but given that he isn't running the racing team at Ferrari anymore JT does seem to be trying very hard to blacken the name of McLaren before the season starts and stop them from racing. As Chief Executive you would have expected him to be more diplomatic or am I now just being really silly?

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    • Aah, sadly my Alpha has a poorly gearbox at the moment and I feel a little out of place turning up to that kind of event in anything other than a vintage motor.

      I do get around though and have seen a fair amount of honour in sport, but as you say, not when there's money involved. No that's not entirely fair, there are still honourable sportsmen in every sport, it is just a sad state of affairs when they are the exception rather than the rule.

    • Gray's - Sad but true words.
      That's why my favourite TV sport is without any doubt at all - snooker! Players will even call their own fouls and the idea of the players agreeing on where the balls are respotted is just unbelievable in modern sport.
      Even cricket - God forbid - is now just one scandal after the other.
      Interestingly with your comments on living in France, I live in Germany and sport in Germany is absolutely ruthless. There is only one point in it - winning!

      Most of it is down to money - look at athletics or bike racing - if you can make a quick few million so you never have to work again, it's worth putting your own health on the line.

      What worries me most is that cheating has become socially acceptable. Ironically it may well be down to the fact that political correctness that produced such wonderful ideas as sports days where nobody wins and nobody loses has actually had exactly the opposite effect.

      I won't talk about F1 in this respect (even though this is an F1 forum) because too much has been said already on the subject and everyone has their opinion on whether the FIA has made the right decision(s).

      If you want to enjoy refreshing, fair motorsport, go to some club meetings - especially historics. You can come home at the end of the day with some of your belief in decency and sportsmanship restored.

    • I lived in France where the Rules of the Road are considerd more as guidelines than anything else.

      I get the feeling that your Polish friend has a similar view on life.

      It just seems a shame that the spirit of the rules is something that isn't taught in sport anymore. I have a nine year old nephew who is taught to cheat in football and rugby by his sport's master if it means that his school team will win. What hope does any sport have if we are starting that young to undermine the values that we hold dear?

      My brother and I have nearly fallen out as I had the stupidity to suggest that the enjoyment of taking part fairly in any sport, whether you win or lose, is better than winning by cheating. My nephew refuses to play any game against me because I will not allow him to cheat.

      If we advance this ten years we will be looking at the sportsmen and women of the future who do not understand why they should not cheat to win. Unfortunately it has already entered some sports now - not just F1 - but in F1 it isn't just the drivers who barge each other off the track (which I consider in a motor race the height of bad sportsmanship), but whole teams who seems to consider that provided they win it doesn't matter what they do.

      It is such a shame that we are allowing this to happen.

    • I tried loading GP3 on my new pc, but doesn't seem to want to play...

    • You are right Jean Todt is starting early to try and make Ferrari`s position strong before the season starts. This looks like only the start of Ferrari`s smear campaign to try and win again this year. I really wish Ferrari would get out of F1 and let the other teams get on with a fair and clean season.

    • I'd say that was his main aim in life!

    • LOL - Yes, you`ll be dusting off the old copy of "Grand Prix" next ;-)

      By the way, I think you mean another thread to me.
      I`ve looked back & it was Probably Graham`s post on this thread at 7.55pm & my reply that I meant.
      I only mentioned it because the subject of relaxed rules was briefly discussed.

    • I know there's been a discussion on another thread. I'd have joined in, but several people have already mentioned the JPS Lotus, and Colin Chapman - all you have to do is mention Jim Clark and my day is complete, all my F1 heroes and dreams in one palce - and not mentioned by me. How much better can it get...

    • Apology accepted, danimik.

      You'll know from my other posts that I`m also believer in "the pinnacle of motorsort, innovation & technology". I think we have to face that those days are gone, though :(
      For whatever reason, the FIA is taking F1 towards standardisation & what they call cost-cutting measures.

      You`ll see that Graham & I have discussed the 'throw out the rule book option' elsewhere this evening.

      My own personal opinion is that the teams share a lot of the responsibility for the way things have gone.
      The team principles haven`t seemed able to agree on black being black & white being white for years now. Yes, I know some of this is blamed on Ferrari but, at some time, over one issue or another, every team principle has been at fault.
      Max` attitude has been "If you can`t agree then xxxx will be enforced".

      It`s much the same on Bernie`s side. The teams were more than happy for him to take over the business side as long as they got their money on time & as promised. If they signed their rights away for 20 years without considering the possibilities then I think they share some of the blame.

      Sad, I know, but I don`t see an easy, workable route out of it.
      I think we may just have to thank our lucky stars that we saw F1 at its` height & return to our rocking chairs ;-)

    • given my feelings about Ferrari, it's likely that I would choose an example of Ferrari going too far - imo. The other thing is that Ferrari seem better at it than most other teams.

      I recognise though that every team should be attempting to do this - if this is the standard of behaviour that is deemed acceptable. It's the only way that they can honour their commitment to their sponsors - to do the absolute very best they can, come what may.

      Pragmatically, I think the real solution would be to do away with the regulations governing the nature of the car. What they need is a set of rules governing behaviour on the track and in the pit lane of the drivers, and another laying down the standards of safety expected and perhaps engine size, maximum dimensions, but keep it as simple and straightforward as possible. then just let the teams get on with it.

      One issue about F1 in the past is that it has always been a testing ground for new technology which has then been intorduced into the mainstream of life - traction control, abs, etc, ect etc all come from F1. Stiffling the teams as FIA does presently will serve to slow this down, will impact on the cars that you and I will drive in the future. they won't be as good as they might have been.

      So, apologies if it came over as yet another rant about Ferrari - it's seriosuly about the nature of the sport

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