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  • Welsh Pagan Archer Welsh Pagan Archer Jan 25, 2008 14:57 Flag

    Murray Walker

    With rule changes, scandal, #$%$, long faces, temper tantrums, throwing of helmets ect, its no wonder Murray got out when he did.
    Its about time Bernie asked Murray to come back and save this once great sport,I have watched for years with friends and family supported out boys and those who were cheated out of points, who can forget Ruben's first podium,
    or the Austrian debacle that cheated him out of a win ??.
    If there is one thing F1 should get right this year
    bring back the fair play,Bring back Murray.
    If not this season will see more controversy more squabbling children and more rubbish.

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    • I can understand your reckoning about having Murray Walker back in the commentary box, even if he is out of practise from what i seen when he was commentating at the Race of Champions. However, I cant see how this is going to stop all the (quote) rule changes, scandal, #$%$, long faces, temper tantrums, throwing of helmets ect. I dont think Murray is in any position to actually go in the paddock and bang the drivers or team principles heads together and say 'play nice!'

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      • I don`t think we`ll see Murray himself back but the sport does need someone of his ilk. A proper commentator, fair & enthusiastic (not just shouting to try to seem that way).
        It would not stop the hassles between teams & personnel but it may, hopefully, lead to a wiser & more informative coverage. It should also mean that some of the enthusiasm rubs off on the viewers - something sadly lacking since MW retired.