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  • eldemiex eldemiex Feb 5, 2008 09:10 Flag

    Poor little Hamilton.......not.

    My thread is definitely going to be unpopular, not as much if it was written in Spanish.
    See where im going?

    I might be tilted as racist, but i dont consider myself to be that.

    The "incident" that took place in Barcelona got thrown wayyyyy out of proportion.
    When someone insults another human being, it is not to throw roses or praise, but to hurt him. Thats the sole intention.
    Racism (for me), is when you DO discriminate that person. An insult is just that, an insult to try and get psychologically under the persons skin.

    So if i wanted to insult Hamilton, i cant say you dirty nggr..., but i can say, i take a sh...t at all your dead family? That wouldnt be racism, wouldnt it.

    Of course, since McLaren and the british press are so touchy with their little boy....
    And now, if the FIA sanctions the circuit de cataluña,for me it would be another measure of proteccionism towards the F1´s "golden boy".
    FIA already proved last season that Hamilton was untouchable; he could get away with anything, or if he complainted out loud, FIA would go running to see what the baby was crying about.

    I read yesterday the thread that got deleted. While people were protecting Hamilton and the so called "Spanish racism", they were insulting the spaniards or Spain. But no, when others insult, it is not racism; and again, there are many other insults that are much more offensive that the ones that reffer to someones skin pigmentation.

    So stop being over sensitive!!!!

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    • I definitely agree with you anonemouse, this thing has been blown right out of proportion... Instead of LH and FA been seen as a rivalry within a team (which is a good thing unlike in the Schumi era at Ferrari) it is seen as a race issue...

      I am black myself and to be honest i have to say that all the internal fighting at McLaren began the minute FA realized he would not get preferential treatment as F1 World Champion... what made this worse was that his partner was a rookie & a Brit in a British F1 Team that has known him for years and is seen as part of the McLaren family.

      So looking at this situation from FA point of view he must have felt alienated and thereby feel that his partner was favored. The biggest culprits I think is definitely the media, because the longer this race issue carries on the more news they have.

      So from a black persons perspective LH didn't do himself any favors by talking so much to the media etc etc etc... he should do what other black professionals have done in sport... keep their mouths shut and get the job done, because actions speak louder than words...

    • They were not making fun of being black,
      they were making fun of the fact that hamilton takes his family everywhere, and to do that they dressed as black, because they are black

    • Danimik...you're wasting your breath..or I should say fingers... unfortunately there are some people that no matter what you say will still not see the incident as racist...that's their choice..sad as it is and all the time you have people like that, you will never stop racism in any sport be it be regarding colour..nationality or religion

    • unfortunately, there were also photographs - it's not just the words of the reporters that we have to trust.

      Sure, photos can be 'mocked up,' but one of the perpetrators has admitted to blacking up, wearing an afro wig etc.

      Racism doesn't have to be spoken - you don't have to hurl abuse at someone to be racist. Making fun of someone because of the colour of their skin in fancy dress is also racist.

      And I don't care if it was only one person - if it isn't dealt with immediately, next time there will be three or four. That's how it works.

    • good point i loved the towing one couldent believe my eyes when i saw that one LOL

    • When one reads on "How To Be A Funny F1 Fan" the account of Inca D regarding events at Barcelona it at very least throws into question the reporting of our friends at the tabloid press. Exageration, misinformation and deception are the three words which sprang to my mind joined by the recollection of how they typically take two incidents, report them together in one piece and make it appear to the untrained eye that they are one and the same. In this instance I already had my suspicions of duplicity because of my reading of their reports regarding the people in costumes and people throwing insults. I wondered if they were in fact the same people (and I've raised this point in another thread where my stated view is that merely wearing a satirical outfit does not constitute racialist behaviour). If one believes Inca D (and let's face it anyone has to be more credible than Mr.Tabloid) then the people dressed up did not in fact hurl abuse, they weren't even there on the same day as the person (Inca D says there was only one) or persons who did. While nothing justifies racialist abuse this does tend to put things into perspective somewhat. Anon, has explained how the term 'black' is a perfectly proper colour descriptive adjective and has also suggested we put this over-hyped Fleet Street driven controversy to rest. He's right, if we don't we're just playing into the tabloids' hands.

    • and how about when LH dive into KR lines when he did qualifying....what he did was dangerous and when i paid attention on it I think the reason why LH did it because when LH did qualifying, there was ferrari car on right lanes (i cannot really see who it was)....but the ferrari car was all the way in the right lane....not like what LH did. LH just have tendencies to stiired up problems just like this case and some other cases.. but basically these postings does not have any racial intention or because i hate LH personally but i think his atitude is stink. i really like when KR become world champion. don't talk a lot and let his driving do the talking, and i think he is honest. LH should do the same.

      one last thing....LH might be the first black person in F1 but it does not necessary mean he has to be the world champion....and that is what i see is happening.....it looks like even some FIA persons would like that to happen. well we'll see...anyway all of these just my personal opinion.

    • 100% agree...this "racist" things become too boring...and i still don't get one thing (even tough anonemouse already explained it) I think LH had many prefferential things on 2007, I don't know about monaco case but same thing happened when FA drove hard and LH acting up. people paying more attention to LH complain than reality...only after KR give his comment regarding incident that makes things kinda subside. Just to make myself clear. thye prefferential things i am talking about like(it may be not 100% correct) LH bent the rules on driving behind safety car, LH dived into kubica line resulting in accident and RK got penalty...that's all i can recall right now. I agree also with PB comment regarding double standard(happened to MS) and if LH didn't become world champion not because racism anyway....the boy just couldn.t do 3 pit stops....he's not MS. and it's a joke when mclaren make an excuse about making wrong call....i think it's an excuse, LH is fast and his driving style is hard on tires....that is why.

    • Excuse me for repeating myself, however, the original thread I posted this on has dissapeared.

      This is NOT a racist attack against LH, his father, or anyone of any colour from any country, but, it was ALWAYS going to happen. As soon as LH was announced as the first BLACKMAN in F1 by the press, there was going to be racist problems. The racism has existed for many years but in a lower key. We had the love hate relationship between Senna and Prost ( Brasil v France ), Mansell and Piquet ( England v Brasil) to name a few. Many hated Schumacher, Vielneuve and Montoya. This was accepted as rivalry. But now we have skin colour in the mix. For some strange reason this makes it worse. WHY? To describe LH as a blackman is like describing a Ferrari as a red car. Simply put, decribing what is seen by the eye to differentiate between things. What makes it bad is when the skin colour is involved.

      Go home English man.... Go home BLACK man.

      See the difference? Apart from the colour reference there is none. Both can be racist if you want them to be. OR both can be light insult just as easily. If we were all less sensitive about skin colour then this problem would not even be worthy of news print.

      Racism is only a problem because WE make it a problem. So LH's skin is a different colour to mine.... do I care? NO. Does it make him a lesser person than me? Again NO. And neither should any of us, or the Worlds Press.

      I don't know about you guys, but I am getting sick of reading about this subject. It is over shadowing everything. Max, Bernie, Lewis, Anthony, Fernando and "Genlemen" of the Press PLEASE STOP. This is F1, not the race relations forum.

    • Apart from the insults to Ron (I may think he`s been a fool &/or totally cocked up but I`m not going to abuse him), I agree Racehound.
      Word came back from Monaco that it was, indeed, AH who complained to the Stewards. This seemed to be the start of all the in-house fighting at McLaren.
      I am more than a little concerned that the LH/FA thing was not as clear cut (black/white - with no pun intended) as the British media would have us believe.
      We seem to be told the "bad" things FA & the Spanish do but, conveniently, not told things which may show LH & the Brits in a bad light.
      There were those who said the McLaren scrutiny at the last race should be kept in house but little was made of what happened at Monaco.
      Double standards again, I`m afraid.

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