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  • james james Feb 5, 2008 19:21 Flag

    Poor little Hamilton.......not.

    From what we have seen in the papers; Spanish fans with some form of dark paint on their faces and claiming to be"Hamilton's" family. Personally I think that is a racist insult. F1 should withdraw the Spanish GP without returning funding.

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    • Now let´s get one for one cleared out.

      I was in Montmeló.

      There where 2 diferrent incidents that weekeend.

      1. There where a group of 10 togheter. One of them pulled a Microfon out and started insulting Hamilton, saying thins like: $%^& $%^&, Damm $%^& ect....
      The security came took the guy and put him outside.

      The other 9 of them where taken the banners (because Mclaren ask them to do soo) away and could stay, since they did not do anything Racist.
      The security ask everybody of us to go to another pleace to sit, since Mclaren did not wanted the grade in front of them to be ocupied. They said it was to noisy and they could not concentrate.

      The banners where saying: Hamilton hablas demasiado/ Hamilton you talk too much
      Hamilton don´t forget-- Fernando is on your Ass
      Hamilton don´t pusch the botton ect....

      Now, the story with the Afro costums happens on Sunday, the last day of the trainings and a day after the first incident.

      See, everybody tought that they where Hamiltons Fans, they where not insulting anybody. It was Carnaval in Spain.. this is it!

      Over here in Spain they make fun out of everybody in Carnaval, (King, Prinz, President, Footbol players, Formula 1 players, basketball players, Church ect....) and nobody takes it personally.

      They walked in, very happy and smilling to everybody and even Papa Hamilton thought that it was funny ( he even thought they were Fans from his Son LewisHamilton).. the people (lot´s of English came to take fotos with them even!) As I said.. Nobody thought anything bad about it.. untill the next day, it showed up in the English Press as being something bad and Racist.

      So why all the suden Hamiltons Senior goes to Mosley and says that allready in China 2007 they have insulted his Sohn?

      That he dos not know what they said exactly, because he dos not speaks spanish, but he is convinced that they insulted badly hes Sohn.. and he is convinced there where spanierds he said....

      1º- How does he knows hes Son has been insulted if he dos not speak spanish?

      2º- How dos he knows they where Spanierds? did he see there passport? Or maybe Senior Hamilton thinks that Fernando Alonso only has Fans in Spain?

      3º- How dos he knows the language the Fans spoke was the Spanish one? I mean.. Portugues and Italien is also very similiar if you don´t speak spanish.

      and the last one...4º-

      Why dint´t he said something than? why now?

      You know guys... in my opinion The Hamilton
      Family loves to be in front of the Camara.. no mather what.. they love publicity and being in the Midlle of the news all the times, and some of the English and Spanish news papper loves it too.. they make money with it!

      There where 55,000 People watching the Trainings during the whole weekend in Montmeló and only 1 has been Racist.

      Do you really think that 1 person represents the 54,999 remainer??