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  • probablygraham probablygraham Feb 27, 2008 19:15 Flag

    Shut up, Max!

    Come on paddock - we don't have to know what's in the contract to see what happened on the track over the years, or are you telling us that Rubens and co. said "You know, I love old Michael and it would be really nice for him to win this race, so I think I'll just slow down and let him past"

    I'm not saying other teams didn't do it or that teams will stop doing it in the future, but the main point I was making is that Max is wrong when he says that MS had strong teammates and that is why LH will never be as good.

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    • lol - ever thought that he was just better than his team mates?

      Half the problem with F1 across the MS years was that, after Mika left, there was nobody of the same calibre in the field to take MS on - or to partner him.
      Yes, his team mates have all been up there as the strongest (Ferrari weren`t likely to take anyone but the best available - they have 2 cars to get home not just 1).

      No, what I meant about the contracts was that we`re always hearing MS "ran" the team, chose this, dictated that. Well, Ferrari doesn`t actually work that way. It`s a team with input from many individuals.
      Most of the rubbish about MS stems from those with their own axes to grind. It`s the same as the arrogance thing. I`ve yet to come across anyone who has actually met him who says he was arrogant but it`s something everyone "knows" because they`ve heard it so often.

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      • I half agree with you, paddock - not giving you the satisfaction of totally agreeing with you though :-)

        Having met most of the drivers at Monaco where they can't avoid the fans if they want to get to a boat on the Friday, I must say that Schumacher was one of the drivers who had time for fans, unlike his little brother who was a truly arrogant little git!
        However, he was involved in a few "incidents" where you felt that he could have actually admitted he'd been in the wrong (e.g. Jerez against Villeneuve). It would have been nice to hear something like "OK everyone, I really made a ballsup and I'm sorry". That is why I liked Frentzen (MS stole his girlfriend and married her by the way!). Frentzen was never in MS's league but he was a nice bloke.

        I get the feeling that MS, like Prost in his day, did everything to avoid having a top driver in the team (you're probably right that most of the time there wasn't anyone as good as him around, but there were a lot better drivers than Eddie and Rubens, and there were certainly drivers who would have given him a harder time).

        Whether it was in his contract or not, he had a status at Ferrari which meant that nobody would be stupid enough to upset him, and so he got everything he wanted, much the same as Rossi in MotoGP.