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  • Frank B Frank B Mar 6, 2008 05:30 Flag

    Has Webber become a moaning minnie

    Hi, just wondered if anybody else thinks that mark has become a bit of a whinging aussie :-0. All he seems to do is moan, the latest ,again about lack of Tc. Does anybody have any possible ideas as to why. This is a light hearted thread, as its been getting a bit heavy here lately. :-)

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    • YEAH ! and they are also racist always making racist comments like I hate ricers or ricers are worthless! FINE! from now on anybody who refers to Japaese autos as ricers will be called "BREADERS" GOT IT!!!...wink,wink

    • Hi Sibarita, about Webber, I think he could make it this year without a problem, specially with a crazy race. I would like to see him and Coulthart this year up in the podium ones in a while. That would be great!

      Now Sibarita, tell me? how come you think Petrus is ugly?haha, Are you sure we are talking about the same Petrus babe??
      Or are you just recomending me not to smoothie and roughie with him? hahaha

      Don´t worry Sibarita, I´m not his type anyway. He likes Scandinavien ladys! sniff.. sniff
      Can you imagine? I´m as close to be Scandinavien as you German!

      Guess I have to continue with my single life! haha


    • "All he seems to do is moan, the latest ,again about lack of Tc. Does anybody have any possible ideas as to why. This is a light hearted thread, as its been getting a bit heavy here lately. :-)"

      Quoted from ITV-F1
      “It’s kids isn’t it?” Webber said to ITV Sport’s Louise Goodman.
      “They have not got enough experience – they do a good job and then they f*** it all up.”
      So, Webbo, how are you coping now that the technical help has dissapeared? ;-)

      Quoted from ITV-F1
      "And it's good to go racing because that's when you actually find out where you're weak, more so than in testing.
      Yep, you're certainly weak in racing Mr Webber. ;-)

      From live feed on ITV during last season.
      Favourite quote of 2007.......
      James Allen...."Mark Webber is spending more time talking to Louise than he does in the car" :-)))

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      • Hi Sid, so reading between the lines, it seems that webber does more talking than driving then :-0 due to lack of ,er good luck !!. After reading some replies about drivers personas, how I long to get back to the days of waving the flag from the car after a win, senna grabbing eddie ervine round the throat for overtaking him in the rain, track invasions at silverstone after a mansell win etc. It just was more real and not so clinical as it is today. Oh well maybe Im getting old...............

    • Like it or not Mark must accept that TC has gone. But he's right, it's demise will create more mis-haps and more safety car. Yet this is exactly what Bernie wants to close up the racing and provide a more exciting spectacle. Many fans want the same and devotees will point to the hair-raising escapades of drivers of past years who had no such electronic aids. They also had little of the protection and safety features afforded todays drivers. And it is this vastly improved safety aspect which gives Bernie the scope to try to 'equalise' on-track racing by dropping TC and regulating various features and thus (hopefully) make racing more competitive, more exciting. So Mark would be better spending time honing his driving skills 'safe' in the knowledge that more shunts or not he's unlikely to be exposed to the same degree of mortal danger his illustrious predecessors embraced.

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      • Not about webber but about TC.I don´t see a big problem in dry , the problem is the rain.I remember in Le Mans or in GT Campionships the GT3 quicker than GT1 with their narrow tyres on the rain,can be a solution for F1?

      • Hi everybody,

        Mark and David Coulthart may be moaning the most about the TC, but it is a fact that both are very good drivers in wett conditions. I Love this two pilots and think they are making a very good team together, just like Heidfeld and Kubica.

        I was in the trainings of Formel 1 this year in Spain and was suprise to see how different it looks on TV how the pilots drive. I allways thought that Kimi for example was a rough driver... nop.. just the opposite is the case, he is very smooth. Thought that Lewis was a smooth driver.. nop.. just the opposite, very much like Massa.
        I´m talking from a viewers view of point only, of course is Lewis a better driver than Massa as of today. But if you put both of them in the same car and you don´t know who is who.. they just look the same, the way they drive. And by the way.. they where the 2 drivers that ended up more often outside the race track too. haha

        Now, the one who sticks out for hes oukward driving is Fernando. Goodnes, he drives so wierd!
        He is rough and smooth a the same time while he makes oukward movements with the car all the time. You can see miles away that is Fernando who is driving!

        I got nicely surprised by Sebastian Vettel, what a nice boy and very good driver in my opinion too.

        Jessen Button is a darling of a guy, very polite and friendly to everybody.

        Now, Nico Rosberg I found is an excellent driver, but as a person a bit arrogant for hes age (maybe it just appear so), but he was very cold to everybody and some fans just turned arround and left because of hes acttitud.

        Kubica, Kovy, Nakajima and Pedro are just angels! so pacient and nice.

        Massa and Kimi where having a good time with everybody (you could tell that they liked the spanish fans), they where taking lot´s of photos with them. Specially with women! haha.. Poor Kimi, so many women liked hem! hehe

        I feelt sorry for Fernando.. hes wrist must have hurt hem a lot from signing so many autograph!

        Lewis..ummmm.. well, since the story in BC, the fans did not kwow if they should go up to hem or not, to get an autograph. The fans where not acting natural and easy, they did not wanted to be acused of saying or doing something. There where a small line of people that hade decided to get one anyhow, but since the press was there, also waiting for Lewis to come out, at the end they decided to trop it and left.

        Regards to everybody, and hugh and kisses to Paddock, Sibarita and Petrus

      • i dont think webber will have much to worry about full stop being at the back ha ha ha ha ha

    • He's a bloody Aussie - Aussie's whinge - not whinging as an Aussie is seen as extremely un-Australian - when they stop whinging they turn into something like Jason Donovan so they whinge all day and all night :-)