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  • dave dave Mar 16, 2008 15:15 Flag

    berni ecclestone rule change

    well bernie ecclestone , is at it again when will he ever stop trying to change the rules to just suit his own pocket ??? and now mr eccelstone wants to change the way drivers can win the drivers title, ie; not by getting as many points as a driver can that wins but by the amount of race wins? what a stupid change. perhaps hes afraid that mm will beat his pet team f , food for thought

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    • Well i remember b.e. wanting schumacher to win in his final year at the team so we all know he is not neutral,
      The more people view tv when ferrari do well hence his tv revenue will go up with it we all know he is a ferrari man and cannot see past them just like others on this site.
      Alonso was correct it isnt a sport but more a ferrari circus if a team has something better than ferrari they will go all out to ban it or through a team out but nothing much was done to there flex rear wing and floor so what will ferrari try to ban this year we have had the renault mass damper and mclaren last year ... ahh well who knows we will see at monza when the un-biased fia will come up with something.
      I hope the decline at ferrari continues and we will soon see them and there fans disappear back to obscurity !!!

    • roflol - we`re cross posting & saying much the same thing :o)

    • Maybe he just wants what he said - to encourage more overtaking & racing? The consistency thing has never been my idea of what racing should be about so I can understand.
      When drivers are nursing engines, gearboxes & tyres, & know that by consistently finishing towards the top of the points, they could walk away with the title it doesn`t really encourage them to race.
      Mind you, I think he`s on a bit of a loser until the cars can better handle overtaking. We seldom see it now :(

      If you can get in front it`s just a case of sailing round to the finish. The blue flag rule means the back markers get out of the way so...... no need to actually overtake.

    • True ,& as has been said before, Keke won with just one race win.

    • LOL paddock - I hope you're not asking me to explain what Bernie REALLY wants - I don't think even he knows that unless it's about $$$$$'s :-)

      I think it's another case of not addressing the real reasons for the lack of overtaking.
      The current points system (and the old 9 for the winner system) worked well enough when overtaking was possible.

      Overdo things and it will start becoming worthwhile having "strategic" crashes with the leader.

    • Prost won 1989 championship with four victorys, Senna got six, and it was with old points system, from 2003 with the new system ever has been champion who has got more victorys,¡¡strange thing!!
      For me, if he wants a change, Moto GP system is better.

    • Yes, but does he not mean that giving back the differential would normally give a clearer winner?

      Take last season. The points for the top 3 were so close. In terms of race wins, under the old differential, Kimi would have had a margin by having won 2 more races. (6 over 4 each by FA & LH)
      FA & LH, who both won 4 races, would have their positions decided in the same way - by number of 2nd places.

    • God.....ooops Bernie.......moves in mysterious ways :-)

      As I said earlier, maybe it's easier for Bernie to simply disqualify teams and drivers - saves all that messy adding up and maybe making a mistake and getting the wrong world champion.

    • This what yahoo/eurosport reported:

      "What I want to see is the winner of the most number of races as champion and second places only to be used if the top two finish the season with the same number of wins," he added. "The constructors' championship would keep the existing system."

    • Good old reliable, clear reporting as usual, eh? PG

      I`d say, if serious, he means a form of reverting to the old Drivers Points system.
      If he was just 'doing a Bernie' he could have said anything ;-)

      What I still can`t work out is why he should only be doing it for the Drivers & not also the Constructors.
      I guess it is possibly so that one manufacturer can`t run away with it.

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