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    Button signs for three more years at Honda

    After a ridiculous 2007 and a new season that's started with a failure, it's clearly too soon in 2008 for Jenson to be making decisions like this.
    Does Jenson want to win the championship, yes or no? Never mind the championship, does he want to score points???

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    • Hopefully he should be attempting to try and win a championship in the three years he signed for and hes finding it hard with alonso raikkoen hamilton and massa and other cars which are improving overv the seasons.

    • Contracts are meant to be broken.
      No need to go too far, FA and McL for example.

    • This is a smart decision. Jenson has clearly more than just a party boy mentality. Let's try some cliches - 'A bird in the hand...', 'Back a rising star...', 'Stick with who you know...' - etc. etc. Let's look at the situation - Honda can be a winning team; They have set out their stall by attracting Ross Braun; RB in turn clearly wants JB on board; JB has job 'security' and the confidence of RB and the team as highlighted by the 3year contract; Should things go wrong then at the least he shouldn't lose out financially; Should things go right he has the belief of his employers and the blend of ability and experience to perhaps land the big one! Plus there's the X-factor - what more inside info does he have? But even without that it's good business to take what's on offer now (especially so in the uncertain world of F1) and to go with a team which he knows and which is on the rise rather than wait for an offer (which may never come) from a team already at the peak - and perhaps due to wane. F1 success goes in cycles, JB is backing Honda and Honda and Ross Braun are backing JB with a three year commitment to succeed. Those sort of signals shouldn't be ignored. I wouldn't bet gainst them.

    • Trouble is we don't know how long they've been nagging him to extend his contract, and to be honest I can't see any other team paying much for Jenson on his recent form.
      And what about the neat costume - I'm sure Jenson wouldn't want to be seen in anything else :-)

      I imagine it's down to Ross convincing him that things are going to get better.

      I actually reckon that Honda looked a damn sight more promising than they have for a long time. Rubens seemed to be able to hold off Kimi pretty well although that may well have been down to the fuel load.

      Ross said before the weekend that he wouldn't get involved and would watch and see what's wrong with the way the team work. I think all he knows now is that basically nothing works and he'll have to change just about everything. Worst thing was that the lollipop man who screwed it all up had apparently never done the job before. I doubt if he'll do it again either :-)

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      • Yes the Ross Brawn factor has to have something to do with JB's decision.... but I think there may be more to it than meets the eye......... Rubinho may finally retire at the end of this season..... so outright number 1 status could be on offer......... and Ross may have a few stealth signings up his sleeve........ designers and aerodynamisists to name but a few.......... oh and don't forget the megga bucks of the Honda corporation....... they have just had a re-shuffle of management....... maybe JB knows what is coming up...... When you think of these options then signing now does not seem so silly.

    • Why shouldn't he sign a new contract?
      Honda are by far and away, much better than any other offer he would receive, and as the result showed on Sunday; Honda have improved quite considerably since last years milk float.
      As for the second part of the question......
      Button will never win a championship. Not whilst it points downhill, but he, or I should say, the car, will most certainly give him some points again this year. Just don't be expecting them to be above 6 at any given event.

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      • I think anyone signing a contract way in advance is odd. Not just JB. I thought it was mighty weird when FA signed a year in advance for McLaren.
        There was an element of dollar signs & Renault`s lack of commitment to the sport at the time, though.
        With Jenson it could just be that he has faith in the way he sees the team going under Ross` control.
        On the other hand, he could know that the new generation always arrives & be getting in there quick before the team changes its` mind ;-)

    • Jenson needs a smacked bottom.