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  • Alex Chick Alex Chick Apr 14, 2008 21:45 Flag

    Motorsport Power Rankings

    eurosport.yahoo.co.uk is attempting to establish who is the king of motorsports by ranking the leading competitors from across 13 different events.

    Sebastien Loeb leads the first rankings of the season, from Troy Bayliss and Jorge Lorenzo.

    TOP 10:
    1 - Sebastien Loeb (WRC) - 7.5
    2 - Troy Bayliss (World SBK) - 7
    3= - Jorge Lorenzo (MotoGP) - 6.3
    3= - Dani Pedrosa (MotoGP) - 6.3
    5= - Kimi Raikkonen (F1) - 5.3
    5= - Simone Corsi (125cc) - 5.3
    7= - Scott Dixon (IRL) - 5
    7= - Graham Rahal (IRL) - 5
    9 - Rickard Rydell (WTCC) - 4.5
    10= - Joan Lascorz (WSS) - 4.3
    10= - Mika Kallio (250cc) - 4.3
    10= - Mattia Pasini (250cc) - 4.3

    More here:

    What do you think about the rankings?
    Is it possible to compare competitors from different sports?
    Who do you think is the greatest motorsport figure in the world?

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    • greatest motor sport FIGURE in the world ,

      in terms of active paticipants is valentino rossi,

      but that takes what he has done and the fans he has brought to his arena,

      possibly no longer the best on the track but still good enough to win

      F.1 wise rock on kimmi

    • """who is the king of motorsports""""

      it is just wasting time its not worth even to think about it!! #$%$

    • This is a joke. LOL.
      Shakey byrne above valentino rossi. comparing british superbikes to motogp. you're having a laugh. Utter #$%$ i have to say. HA HA

    • Mat Mladin (AMA Superbike): 8.4 if it were tier 1 or 6.72 for tier 2

    • What, no Ricky Carmichael?

      Trying to put a driver into a ranking is doomed for failure. imo.
      For a start, how can it be measured.
      A 125cc sewing machine on wheels up against a rally car or an F1 car? Really?

      "What do you think about the rankings?"
      Is it time for tea yet?

      Is it possible to compare competitors from different sports?
      Michael Schumacher can be compared to Todd Bertuzzi, or Christopher Dean. (although some would say Jane Torville) ;-)

      Who do you think is the greatest motorsport figure in the world?
      Rubens Barrichello. YOU KNOW IT, AND I KNOW IT! ;-)

    • Hey wherz Rossi, u gotta admit he is d best moto gp rider of all time and so u ave to include him in the power list cause by the end of the season u know he is gonna be on d top of that chart

    • My answer to the question "Is it possible to compare competitors from different sports?" is unquestionably no. Not just because the sports are different (racing isn't quite the same on two wheels than on four, formulae with and without pitstops, 45-minute races or 3-day competitions, BTW how would you insert Endurance into your standing?), but also, and mostly, because the state of the competition in each sport is different.

      After a while, the WTCC results get a tad random due to the constant weight tweaking.
      The WRC currently produces no excitement, Loeb is just winning because no-one has an answer to him.

      Given that the ranking is based on top-three results, I bet that Loeb will still be in front at the end of the season, while the WTCC drivers will be absolutely nowhere.

      Personally though, I can guarantee that as a "better driver", I will choose the WTCC champion over Loeb, who has no opposition and produces - frankly - a boring spectacle.

      It's more relevant to compare different epochs in a given formula. And even that isn't really relevant.
      This kind of reminds me of "The Greatest", that I saw not that far back. And I noticed Thomas Morgenstern in the list, and I thought "Surely Janne Ahonen is a better choice for best overall ski-jumper in recent years, no?"

    • That`s a bit like saying which is the best pasta, isn`t it? 100s of sorts with only the basics in common.

      Surely, across such varied motorsports the only comparison can be made in overall success across career?
      On that score, yes, of those listed it would probably be Loeb.
      Daft idea, really.