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  • Inka D Inka D May 17, 2008 08:08 Flag

    Lets put a name to a face now... LOL

    I have decided to do it!

    Hi everybody again ;-) that’s me. Nice to meet you! LOL

    Anybody else is brave enough to put he’s picture too?

    Sorry about that I post and than all the sudden do not respond =) It is my job. (wuaaaaaaaaaa) I travel so much because of my job and then when I’m back I have also to take care of my adopted family and have to catch up with them. Ha ha ha

    I would lie if I would say that I hade the time to read all you post! (Gosh! You guys are so fast to me..lol)… I can’t catch up with you all!

    But besides that I could read and recall some of the (for me) most important post have been writing over here.

    Daminik… please don’t go! As you know I’m a FA fan but don’t mean I have not appreciated you postings. Also very much appreciated your post about defending Paddock. I´m sure that Eldemix didn’t mean anything bad about it.

    I think you should look at it this way Daminik… you said that you have the impression that the FA fans and the Ferrai ones, many times stick together? You may be right by that. Just think about what happened last year? Many FA fans got very angry at Mclaren because the way Mclaren treated FA. See, FA only hade a dream that it was to be and win with the team Senna hade being with (his idol) . He comes and does a great job and then all the sudden everything he does is not right anymore.

    I don’t want to get in this preheated old discussions… just two question on you Daminik?..

    Do you really think sincerely and in the bottom of you hart that anybody on the grid as of today with the same car and without any mechanical problems as FA did could have being 22 seconds faster then him as it happens in Brazil last year?

    Do you really think the FIA would have punished Mclaren that bad just because a few stupid emails exchange between to team- mates?

    Hugh and kisses to everybody


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