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  • A Yahoo! User May 28, 2008 01:07 Flag

    Come off it Whitmarsh!

    "We're leading the drivers' championship now, WHICH IS THE ONE WE WANT
    , and we always believed we could anyway," Whitmarsh said.

    He's obviuosly got the same PR expert as LH - I'm sure Mercedes and the McLaren TEAM really don't care about the Constructors Championship???

    Maybe McLaren will be running on methane by 2010?? ;-)

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    • so, no pressure on LH and HK then...

      The understanding of human psychology demonstrated in the pit lane continues to astound me. How such highly paid, highly regarded individuals continue to make such stupid comments is beyond me - and no, Mick I'm not talking about you, but about Whitmarsh.

      Last season, LH made the kind of mistake that people make when they are feeling the pressureof expectation. So, you'd expect the team to learn fom this, to try and turn down the pressure on him.

      I have no doubt that they do want the Driver's Championship more than any other - it has more prestige asscoiated with it than the Constructors, which is why people always talk first about the drivers and only second about the constructors...

      I'd also suggest that here is an implied 'more' in that statement - the one we want more than any other is - so its a bit ingenuous of you to use it as a brickbat for Whitmarsh in the way you have here, Mick...

    • hi mick, can i ask you a technical question,,

      can you draw a decent quantity of methane from #$%$

      or would they still need a field of pigs

    • UHhhhhhhh,

      Dangerous comment by Whitmarsh...

      This comment stings me up quite a bit!!!

      Touchy subject which i shouldnt comment much on, my thoughts are already there.