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  • mouse mouse May 28, 2008 06:26 Flag

    Come off it Whitmarsh!

    surely polar bears fart mick,,

    im just thinking ,what with the shrinking poles we could get all the methane we need and for once look good to the green brigade,,
    plus when they reach the expiry date some useful sidelines.. lucky polar bear foot (the world is too macho for them ickle rabbit feet) key rings..
    polar bear skin rugs lovely on a winters morning (and may fool you into lowering the temp on your radiators , very good for the planet),,
    plus think of all the extra oils and stuff we could recover from the pengiuns and seals the polar bears wont be eating ,,
    come on mick 50/50 split ,, i think were on a winner here

    so all we need mick is somewhere to house 1,000 or 2 polar bears ,,,, think on mick ,,this time next year we COULD be MILLIONAIRES,,