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  • probablygraham probablygraham May 28, 2008 21:38 Flag

    Berger as Mosley Replacement?

    While I don't believe for one minute that Max will be voted out in the extraordinary FIA meeting ("extraordinary" probably being very fitting - oh to be a fly on the wall), I find it interesting that Gerhard Berger is seen by some to be a fitting replacement for when Max gives up next year.

    I reckon he would be good for the sport. He's intelligent, funny, cynical, sensible, and highly experienced in F1 as a driver and as a team boss.

    Unfortunately, for these very reasons, I don't think he'll get offered and/or want the job.
    I don't think that in his case his involvement with Ferrari would be seen by anyone as a problem, because he is one of those rare no #$%$ characters that has always had friends throughout the whole of the F1 circus.

    Anyone got any thoughts?

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    • PG, I had very similiar feelings about him as well but I did get to wonder over how he handled the Scott Speed situation.

      from reading the numerous reports on this I think it was why the "countries in revolt" wanted a November stand down time for MM because the general opinion is that Toro Rosso will fold at seasons end due to the no customer cars rule.

      I'll tell you what worries me, well more intriqued actually. If MM does win the vote on the 3rd what are the chances of a total revolt within the FIA? I can see it happening, it already is.

    • TRY MORGAN,,

    • How about Vijay Mallya to be the boss of FIA.
      Anyway I heard the news that TATA (indian car company) will buy out Jaguar and Rover... then what is the UK car now?
      Mini is owned by BMW, Bentlay by VW...

    • Yeah Paddock, he would be another Britt.
      I understand this to be a Britt bussiness (don´t think is a sport anymore) that wants to look like a sport, but the bussiness or sport is getting out of the Britts hands because they make more money if other nationalites get involved. Have no more Britts to represent them as pilots this is why the spoil bratt of Lewis can get away with so many things those days. They need a person wiht the nationality from their country, even if he is only a 50% Britt! The mother of him that is the 100% Britt is nowhere to see or to be talk too. Where is Mrs Hamilton at?

      ένα όμορφο φιλί!

    • PaddockBend, you do raise some good points.

      As you may remember MM's predecessor Balestre was run out of office due to his widely perceived favoratism of his countryman Prost in the 1990 Suzuka race where he was seen to have manipulated circumstances to ensure that the Pole Position was positioned on the dirty side of the track and almost guaranteed that his countryman Prost, on the front row would be leading into the first corner and walk the race. MM among others decried this perceived favoratism and used it as the basis for MM's presidential bid, since he presented himself as a person that would restore the competitive integrity of the sport.

      With Berger, unfortunately his playboy past is still fresh in the minds of many (such as his quote that the only movies he wanted to be in were pornos!). The possiblity of sexual misconduct will probably weigh against him in the minds of many, due to the current scandal (what if the next president is involved in a similar scandal to MM). This is unfortunate since I personally have always liked Berger (the man who won Benetton's first and last race wins!) and liked his no#$%$ attitude, friendliness, and ability to joke and keep a fun and loose atmosphere (after all, he is the ONE person who was able to get Senna to lighten up with his constant joking and practical jokes-such as the snakes and frogs in Senna's hotel room).

      IF, MM is replaced, one of the main criteria used will probably be the screening out of candidates that might be involved in further scandals. JYS has kept his nose clean and would probably be considered a very safe and palatable choice for many of the manufacturers and sporting bodies.

      Not saying this is right or fair, but merely my assessment of the political climate existing at this time.

      Excellent points, PaddockBend and ProbGraham!

      I hope this finds you well!


    • JYS is thought of as rather a hanger-on now, Frank.
      He isn`t as widely respected as the British press would have us think.
      In fact, many people think he`s more than a tad "sad" & can`t let go of past limelight.
      Plus he`s another Brit?
      The rest of the world looks at Bernie, Max, Ron Dennis etc & thinks, probably with good reason, that maybe another nationality should be given a chance.
      OK so the previous leader of F1`s regulatory bodyone didn`t do so good either but ........ ;-)

    • Excellent point, PG, I agree that there is a lot of "history" between JYS, MM, & BE, which would tend to disqualify RD or JT as well... but we can always dream can't we?

      I am hard pressed personally to think of a more qualified and less controversial choice to the sport, manufacturers and public at large.

      Our sport has been tarnished considerably by last year's controversy as well as this year's. Scandals such as these can cripple a sport that depends very much upon sponsorship and manufacturer support. Many of which will be unable to morally defend to their constituents their continuing support for a publicly scandal-ridden and morally corrupt sport.

      We need to take action ASAP, before it is too late.

      After the 1918 Black Sox scandal (where the world series and regular season games were found to be fixed by professional gamblers), the game of American Baseball was only saved by the installation of a strict, morally upright individual (Judge Landis).

      Unfortunately, our beloved sport (I"ve been a fan since I was stationed in Germany in 1985) is in imminent danger... I personally hope that JYS or someone of his moral and ambassadorial calibre can be installed at this critical time. Berger would be an inspired choice, I just believe that JYS to be a better choice due to his popularity, respect, and reputation forged over many decades (has it been almost 50 yrs?) in motorsport.

      Whoever the choice may be, it will be a critical one...

      I HATE seeing my sport being dragged through the mud!


    • Frank - don't get me wrong - I think Jackie's pedigree is perfect and I would love to see him in the job.
      I'm just worried that there's been too much Stewart against Max and Bernie fighting over the years and especially over the last months, and it would make sense to have someone who nobody seems to have a problem with and where grudges can't be seen to enter into the equation.

    • I can certainly understand your opinion, PG, but then again pretty much everyone has been outspoken about Max.

      I am looking at JYS's history as an outstanding ambassador for the sport, a very adept and sensible individuals that would be able to bring all parties agreement, (and that's without even bringing up his brave stand on driver safety when no one else would-many, many drivers owe their very lives to him). He is welcome and respected, and has interacted with many of the major sporting bodies and manufacturers over the years.

      Also, you can consider his spotless and scandal free character to be icing on the cake.

      A very non-controversial, well-respected and SAFE choice.

      I believe that is PRECISELY what our sport needs now... just as Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis saved the game of American Baseball after the 1918 Black Sox scandal (they threw the world series and exposed the sport as being rigged by sports betters).

      Just my two cents...


    • Unfortunately, the way the world is whoever replaces Max will probably need some legal background - either that or be an accountant.