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  • mouse mouse May 30, 2008 19:09 Flag

    Flavio says Renault need Piquet

    if you bother reading peoples posts you would see that i withdrew my support of maclaren after many years of following them and followed my driver,, kimi..

    it is a simple fact that the most fanatical and biased supporters that i have met in F1 terms both on here or the track at meetings are FERRARI fans,

    just remember that what started most of this at the present was the accusation that sutil had some how taken out kimi on sunday,simple equation here..FERRARI WILL ALWAYS (ALMOST) EMPLOY GREAT DRIVERS , GREAT DRIVERS ARE WINNERS , WINNERS ARE RUTHLESS , = CONTROVERSY , PLEASE REFER TO MY ANSWER TO VAL REGARDING DRIVERS BUYING SEATS,,
    thank you and have a nice day,,(maybe reading about the buisiness side of F1)