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    Where is Mrs.or Ex- Hamilton at?

    I´m sick of seing the father and brother of LH on tv!
    Anybody knows where hes mother, the 100% Brittish is at?

    Would apreciate any information about it.

    Σας ευχαριστούμε πάρα πολύ

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    • Well done Danimik,
      I was kind of hoping that the 2008 season was going to be mainly about the racing. But it seems that we have the usual nonsense yet again, certainly on some of these threads.

      I think those so stressed about coverage should case their minds back a couple of years or so. I seem to remember ITV doing "a day spent with": Ralphy,Schumi,Trulli,DC, etc. They even drove to the circuit with Ralph.

      They are a British outfit and the main action is still the battle between Ferrari and McLaren. Titans locking horns and all that. Hamilton is the young upstart and so it's good coverage. Probably compulsary if the advertisers had anything to do with it. So lets live with the commercial realities, unlike Max, and enjoy what goes on on the circuit.

      I personally think the best thing to happen this year is for BMW to join the group at last.

      Long live racing.

    • Thank you Frank. will try my best :o)

    • Yeah Charliebird! i´m not a britt! gosh! you are so smart! a sore loser? somebody who has 2 WC titles at the age of 25? that is comming from a country where the F1 wasent any popular untill FA showd up on the screen? that got even me hooked up to F1? me? a person that dosent like any sport whatoever unless i´m in it?
      Get a hike lady!

    • You are obviously not a brit either then...... most brits should be happy that a BRITISH sports person is doing well for a change. So what if you see his family a lot on TV, they are supporting him in what he does and its nice to see that. Ahhh there you go... you support Alonso which is y you are knocking down Hamilton... A sore loser just like he is. British people shoud be supporting British people who are doing well at something instead of putting them down all the time and it makes me so mad.
      Also you rekon his father is no good as his manager...... well he done ok so far... as far as I can see..... He is driving for one of the top teams in F1.... he cant be that bad a manager!

    • Actually, Lewis Hamilton is British. He was born in Stevenage.

      His parents separated when he was two - so its quite possible that his natural mother will come to F1.

      I personally find nothing strange that his manager should accompany him to each meet. That he is managed by his father isn't strange either when you pause to consider just how much time and effort and sacrifice he made to help his sone achieve his ambitions.

      What I find utterly distasteful is the underlying racism that underpins this whole thread.

      Britain has always been a place of refuge for all sorts of people. There have been influxes of people from all over the world at various times. I personally can trace Welsh, English, Irish and Dutch blood. We think there is Spansih blood in there back about four generation. My ex-wife had Wesh and Italian, my closest friend has Polish, I've worked with people of Ukranian extraction, Jamaican, Indian, .... These are all British people.

      It seems to me that the whole function of this thread is to segregate, to highlight skin colour.


    • Just a note, I have checked the box Ingnore User, so no more V. Just as someone had mentioned in an earlier post about TV, don't like it, change the channel.

      In fact let's all change the channel, so there is no more V.

    • V: I don't know you or Dan, but you need to be a little more respectful here. If you were in public and not on the net, would you run your mouth so freely?

      My guess is that if you did, someone would beat the #$%$ out of you, irrespective if Dan was right or wrong.

      So cut us all a break here, your opinion's are fine, but don't attack those that have a different view point than yours.

    • ah thats funny...

    • Hamilton's approach to his newfound wealth is a model of prudence, reflecting the advice he gets from his father, Anthony, who manages his affairs. The McLaren driver laughed, for example, at the suggestion that he might buy himself a private jet. (In fact he has “a really, really good” sponsorship deal with Bombardier, manufacturer of Learjets, which allows him a certain number of free flights in return for appearances as the company's “brand ambassador”.)

      His long-term goal is to help his family, much in the way that Michael Owen, the England footballer, has by buying homes for his siblings and his parents. “I honestly think at the moment, it's important I just keep working and doing what I'm doing,” Hamilton said. “In the future, it's all about building a foundation and building that sort of [basis] for my family. I want to be able to take care of my mum.”
      Hamilton's mother, Carmen, remarried after separating from his father when Lewis was 2. She is reported to be living in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, and working as a secretary. Hamilton lived with her until he was 10, when he moved in with his father and stepmother.
      And Hamilton is already planning for a rainy day. “Even though you get paid more, even though I might have some money now, I don't think it's right for me at the moment to just go out and splash out money here and there because it might all be gone,” he said. “Something might happen to me and I might not have that money. I've got to make sure it's invested properly and make sure we are building a secure future.”
      One consequence of his sudden fame is that Hamilton has learnt to trust and value his friends and family more than he might have done had he not become one of the world's most recognisable sportsmen almost overnight. He says he has made no new close friends since he started in Formula One and can count his true friends on the fingers of one hand.
      “I've met some really, really nice people, but I just don't go out looking for very good friends,” he said. “I've got friends that have been with me since I was at school, who have stuck with me through thick and thin, and I just regard them as my closest friends. I never feel I need more.”
      Another consequence of his meteoric rise has been the loss of his free time. Hamilton says he is far busier now than he was this time last year. There has been less time to train and he hardly sees his new flat because of commitments either with testing and training or making sponsor-related appearances.
      “It's been very hard because of the different commitments I have to make right now, juggling it all,” he said. “I haven't seen my family or friends for such a long time.
      “I saw my mum for one day recently and I hadn't seen her since Christmas, just because I have not had the time. I get to fly back to Geneva and I am there for maybe one night or a day and then I'm off to a test or an appearance somewhere.” The first topic of conversation is what he did at the weekend. It tops most people's.

      "I was at Lewis Hamilton's house with his family to watch his first Grand Prix," says Terry. "I was there with his mother, his brother Nick and basically all his close friends and family except his dad - who was there in Melbourne. His mum was nervous as hell, but ten minutes before the race he rang and spoke to each and every one of us, thanking us for coming round.

      Terry has known the driver, who finished third in his debut F1 race on Sunday, since he was a boy.

      "I've known his family since he was eight. I used to own a kart track he used to come down to. I also owned a garage - on a Saturday he'd come in, pick up a broom and help us sweep the floor and have a chat.

      Hope this help you any Vasilakis

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      • Two magnificent posts back to back, Inka!

        It is always good to get behind the scenes and get a better picture of how individuals are in private life as opposed to being trashed merely for driving for one team or another.

        It is always refreshing and enlightening to catch such glimpses of drivers as people and not just as results.

        It is very prudent and highly unusual for a man of his age and wealth to be mindful of his future and careful with his monetary expenditures.

        Not to mention names, but many young drivers in his situation have used their newfound wealth to purchase rather ostentatious items of consumption (yahts, jets, mansions, etc.). Remarkable to see constraint in one so young.

        LH's father has done an excellent job of raising him and as others have said, does not seek the limelight and cannot help the coverage given to him on the TV, but conducts himself well when interviewed and approached. As his father that has sacrificed much and has managed him well, it is good to see his many sacrifices come to fruition. He should be immensely proud of his son.

        LH's father doesn't seek the limelight, but doesn't shirk it when it is cast upon him. The TV's obsession with him should not be held against him. That is beyond his control.

        It is refreshing to have posts like Inka's that seek to show favorable light upon the drivers and not the mud-slinging that I perceive to be pervasive with certain forum members.

        I believe we should all emulate Inka and dwell on positive aspects and positive personal anecdotes. This is much more constructive for all.


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